“Insightful, ground breaking, immensely important ”   Barbara Helen Miller, analytical psychologist in private practice (Netherlands)

“Patricia West is a unique writer. She invites us to contemplate thoughts that would otherwise not occur to us. With insight, precision, and meticulous attention to detail she unveils truths that will not yield. She brings the gift of pure intellect to our deliberations on human survival and change. She shares her compassion, through her insights, for our struggle with our inner-most demons. She always leaves us with a lot to think about in terms of how we might better serve humanity. She challenges us to be the best person we can be.”  Richard Lipscombe, Prague, Czech Republic. 23rd April 2015.



A great read!,   D.R. Baker (amazon)

If you desire more peace and harmony within as well as without, the I Ching, through the lens of Patricia West, is a must-read. She has managed to take something as esoteric as the I Ching and Einstein’s revelations and made them more applicable to the changes we see – and want to see – in our everyday lives. I highly recommend this book.”

“Dear Patricia . . . I have wanted to tell you for some time, that I have consulted the I CHING, before starting the work on large commissions, in order to get advice on how to start and conduct the task. The results have been amazing. I naturally paint in my style, but the way of approach is equally important, and it has been a fantastic experience to be guided.
Normally my job is a very lonely journey, but not anymore. I am grateful for you pointing my attention to the Book of changes… ”   S
incerely. Dan (Superrealist, Alkymist)



Great By  R. Smith  (amazon)

“A broad brush stroke type of book that touches and colors so many elements and areas of life. A great read and well worth the investment.”


Madalina Preda, Authors PR, on Goodreads

The Positive Paradigm of Change  – A solution to the madness of our conflict-ridden world. We are at the crossroad of civilization and in her book – Rethinking Survival, Patricia West explains how we should tip the balance in favor of human survival. She expresses her ideas about music, yoga and comparative religions in a simple, clear and entertaining way.  Patricia West talks in her book about Common Sense, key concepts such as creativity and love, practical politics and democracy. In Rethinking Survival the readers will find open letters to Vladimir Putin, George Soros, Hillary Clinton and Glenn Beck, which are an absolute must read. The Positive Paradigm of Change is obliging everyone on the planet to make critical choices, is tipping us to bring our contribution for a better world.

“‘‘We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if mankind is to survive.’ ~Albert Einstein”



self-discovery and positive change by Lisa J. Lickel (Wisconsin Authors Review)  posted on Goodreads)

Using a Wheel of Change model to promote self-discovery and positive change, the author proposes readers can develop a personal plan of improvement. “Some things Change. Others never do. Knowing the difference between absolutes and ephemerals is matter of life and death.” Pg 37

At the heart, this handbook is an intellectual guide to survival of the species. Axiom five states: History is Neither Progressive or Linear, Nor can human survival be taken for granted. West says (pg 38) “Those who love life and take human survival to heart have passed the basics of how the world really works on to those with hears to hear. In contrast, others hoard this knowledge as if to prospect themselves at others’ expense. They deny or even ridicule it, keeping perceived enemies “in the dark” to prevent their success.”

“Parts 1 and 2 of roughly fifty pages defines the need to change; from the individual change to positivity that affects the universe, “the one manageable unit is the one closest to home: yourself” as “Unity is accomplished through personal effort, one person at a time” because “global unity through world organizations” are unnatural. There is some basis for this thought, as anyone can see how diverse cultures all seek to establish a global platform based perceived success.

“Part 3 describes dysfunctional paradigms, “being aware of current beliefs and recognizing that they’ve created a place you’d like to leave.” (pg 55) People create lifestyle choices to suit themselves at any given time, and West says these “distortions” have negative consequences for mental health which, spiraling outwardly, affect society.

“Part 4 shows how West’s Wheel of Change model can be employed individually. Using examples, and a series of self-examining questions and answers, readers are shown how to fill out and develop a personal Wheel, which leads to accomplishing various goals to bring life into a healthy harmony.

“Part 5, Make Yourself Whole, shows how the Wheel works, giving readers instructions and thought-provoking questions to work on.

“Wrapping up in Part 6, West shares her story.

For those who like lots of charts and diagrams, clearly designed and reasonable axioms and corollaries, West’s Wheel of Change in the Positive Paradigm Handbook is an intriguing tool for self-examination.”



  • Patricia, I can honestly state that this article is one of the most encouraging articles I have read. Focused like a laser, cast on sound judgement, bathed in earnest and passionate appeal, wrapped in a blanket of hope and inspiration. Thank you. L. Odle
  • Patricia, thanks for your intellectual efforts in your posts – you made me think about stuff that I otherwise would not have ever really contemplated. Good teachers make us think, they make us challenge the essence of who we are in the process, they are gift bearers, they are rare, and most of all they are not out for themselves but for us the students.  R. Lipscombe
  • Dear Patricia. Now I have purchased all your books, and I am grateful and highly appreciate your work, and effort to bring mankind on the right track. . . . If I only had the I CHING, and your books many years ago..! D. Frojlund
  • Wow and thanks Patricia! That was Profound and easy to read. Writing such articles take real skill and something of real value to communicate. I especially liked the hors d’oeuvre at the beginning that made me want to read the rest. Half way through I said out loud, “I think I love you”. I certainly enjoyed reading your article very much. I just clicked “follow”, although I hate the concept of “leaders” and “followers” because I am fiercely independent. I think of it instead as “subscribe”; as in “offer me some more of your tasty wares”; rather than tell me what to think…”  P. Fellingham
  • I love this balance among the “four wisdoms.” It is a rich digging and well worth the time. This transcends the modern problem of too much “niche” thinking as opposed to considering a completeness of thought and habit of being. It’s easy for someone to blithely say, “You think too much.” It is far more rewarding to take a true mindwalk through all beauty left by humankind, not just western culture. I look forward to getting a book this week!   C. Hamrick
  • Reblogged this on A Rosemont Way ~ Our Journey of Awakening and commented:
    It seems to me Ms Pat West’s “seven basic axioms for positive change” offer valuable guidance for all who appreciate the potential of universal fellowship in intentional community.  B. Noel
  • Reblogged this on Dawn Thought and commented: #Change begins on the inside. We can try our best to “improve” externally so others may see, but the core of your being dwells within your internal #self / #heart / #sowl. I would advise #reading this #blog post, “Seven Axioms of Positive Change,” for the reminder that you are a source of #light ��filled with #creative ✏ #energy. #ShoutOutWithLove �� 1cryingeye
  • Thank you. Your writings are giving me courage and a sense of community. I am grateful to you. Ann
  • That is a wonderful and very sage article, Pat. [‘Savvy Leaders Go with the Flow”]. . . I fear for America. The paradoxes in its political and socio-economic way of life are astonishing and self-destructive. The so-called dream is in danger of becoming a nightmare. . . . Please keep writing, and thanks again for connecting. You are extremely wise.  F. Feather, StratEDGYInc.

  •  I love your words……. wow! I am looking forward to reading much much more. Now bookmarked your website for more indulgent moments later. I am intrigued and fascinated and has already got me thinking.  G. Lester
  • Thank YOU Pat. I have been reading some of your work which is why I connected. As a regular visitor to Nepal and India I can very much relate to your philosophical lines of thought. You write exceptionally well too.   P. Hepenstall
  • This is the the most interesting and intellectual piece I have read in a long time. [“Good News & Bad News for Millennials”]  It is on the mark. Very well done. And, I simultaneously agree and disagree with you. (Smiley face). Tai
  • Very nice piece. . . I very much appreciate your lovely thoughts about the Jungian therapeutic process.” [“Therapists as Agents of Positive Change”] B. Nichols, M.A., C.S.W.

  • Marvelous blog. I want to read them all when I get a chance J. Romig Johnson, Ph.D., JPsyA.
  • Thank you Pat! I am looking forward to reading your blog and staying connected with your much needed work. C. Kleven, PhD.


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