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Patricia West is author of The Common Sense Book of Change, Two Sides of a Coin: Lao Tze's Common Sense Way of Change, and You Are Already Enough!: How Would Your Life CHANGE If You Really Believed It?


Two days ago, in early-morning dream-state, five thought-strands came together, weaving a symmetrically patterned design: the pattern of an urgent dilemma and its quantum solution. 

Here, I’ll identify the strands, then show you how they fit together, forming a single, coherent picture. 

First, I’d been rereading Harry Potter books, especially The Order of the Phoenix. In light of current events, it’s prophetic, equally dark and hopeful.  

Second, since Elon Musk dominated public conversation with his Twitter takeover, I’ve been watching past interviews. Musk, to me, resembles a Harry Potter-like hero, lonely in the muggle world of clueless humans. In a 2012 commencement speech, Elon compares leading-edge technologies to magic. He concludes:  

You guys are the magicians of the 21st century. Don’t let anything hold you back. Imagination is the limit. Go out there and create some magic. 

A patriot in his own unique way, Elon isn’t interested in buying out Twitter for financial gain. He sees it as an international public forum. Freedom of speech is at stake, and with it the future of civilization. 

The third dream-thread centers around another, equally unique patriot, Patrick Byrne, CEO of The America Project. He’s dedicated his life, fortune and sacred honor to sorting  out the unprecedented events of the last few years. Speaking at a Reawaken America Tour event, he outlines the classic, four-stage psy-op Model of Regime Change we’re now going through: 

  1. Demoralization. (politicians exploiting COVID, including lockdowns, masking and social distancing)  
  1. Disorientation. (lawlessness: defund police movements, antifa getting away with violence, intimidation and destruction of property; criminal lawfare) 
  1. Crisis. (election fraud; massive deception) 
  1. Normalization. (censorship, coverup, media whitewash) 

Though not always welcomed by fellow patriots on his locals site, I’ve felt compelled to add my voice. (That’s the final, fifth thread. More on this below.) 

The fourth, inclusive dream-thread is astrology, a core subject essential to Harry Potter’s magic school curriculum. It explains the timeliness of Musk’s appearance on the world stage, as well as the dynamics of exposing systemic corruption in which Dr. Byrne is engaged.  

Different popular astrologers look at various aspects of current events through their individual lenses. None is more comprehensive and strikingly accurate than the preeminent, visionary Pam Gregory. She sees the years spanning 2020 to 2024 as a period when corruption of the old order is exposed, expunged and replaced. In 2022, we’re halfway through this intensely dynamic breakdown as well as simultaneous breakthrough to an emerging new and better future.  

The death and replacement of corrupt institutions across the board has long been foreseen by astrologers. They unanimously agree that governments and their agencies, along with systems of healthcare, law, religion and education are slated for fundamental rethinking. This dynamic is ancient and cyclical. It’s the magical, mystical Phoenix Response of dying to the old in order to be reborn new and fresh. 


The overarching dilemma, as Dr. Byrne sees it, is the looming threat of civil war. He’s adamant to forestall a mutually destructive clash between disillusioned, betrayed citizens erupting in outrage as hidden facts surface, facing off against entrenched powerholders clinging to the remnants of abused authority with the savagery of cornered animals. He’s found in history a successful policy of reconciliation and recommends it as a peaceful way to prevent no-win, self-destructive violence. 


The fifth strand of my early morning musings is my take on the either/or options patriots perceive. My edited responses to the ongoing debate are quoted below: 

At best this [reconciliation] trade-off seems to be the surface of a well-rationalized strategy to buy us time, keep hard core evil-doers from pulling the plug in desperation while patriot goals are achieved, systems put in place. In the short-term, deals may seem expedient . . . the best option among many evils. 

However, in the long-term, because the root problem is neither recognized nor addressed, it will continue to mutate, metastacize . . . take on different forms with new faces . . . until the time when it’s finally correctly identified and rooted out . . healed. 

* * * * * * * * * *

I’m rethinking the “hill to die on” issue. Folks have different takes on what that is. Some want consequences for wrong-doers: justice, even retribution, assuming that would serve to prevent future repeats of current corruption. Whereas others call for a deal. Reconciliation for the sake of preventing civil war.  

The deep state and wall street are named as the corrupt bad actors who must be called to account. To repeat, from my point of view, they — along corporate and political “leaders” — are symptoms (puppets, products) of a more fundamental influence . . . namely flawed education systems, both secular and religious.  

Since no one (excluding mafia and/or cartel dons, perhaps) comes to positions of “power” except through the filters of educational institutions, the current selection processes rule out anyone capable of meeting the standard recognized in the Declaration of Independence: one intellectually & functionally capable of spanning the three interrelated levels of law: the laws of man, of nature and nature’s God. 

My ongoing concern remains that even if elections were pristine going forward, few political candidates or institutional leaders other than those who are products of the educational system that produces corruption (“turtles all the way down”) are available. 

Punishment/retaliation and reconciliation are two sides of the same dualistic coin. Both address surface symptoms, not deeper, root causes. What’s needed . . . in the long term. . . is a cultural, world-wide shift of awareness towards a higher octave of consciousness: a quantum solution.  

To restore Unity, first within and then without, we must first make the quantum shift to a complete and accurate Paradigm of reality. Conversely, so long as we as individuals and as a nation remain fractured from within, unity isn’t possible. Unless one is integrated — mind, body and spirit — and consistent in thought, speech, and action, any hope for true freedom is but an illusion.

It’s not necessarily different schools that are called for, but rather a shift away from the limited and limiting (fracturing) paradigm taught therein. It’s the prevailing knowledge (epistemological) paradigm which is corrupt. And corrupting. 

Further, leaders (educators in particular) urgently need to take into account the influx of (often uneducated) immigrants who are unfamiliar with the nation’s values, who lack respect for its history and have no commitment to its future.  

The face of American (and European) populations is going through major changes. Education must shift/change/evolve to include/serve the entirety of changing populations. The challenge isn’t impossible. Seen as an opportunity, it may, in fact, be a foreordained, astrologically foreseen blessing in disguise. But only if it’s taken into account. After restoring freedom of speech with the help of patriots like Elon Musk in tandem with securing election integrity thanks to the hard work of patriots like Dr. Byrne, that’s the mountain looming behind “the hill to die on.” 

The virtue of the Quantum Paradigm embodied in the Unified Field’s life wheel is that it includes, links and prioritizes the three levels of law acknowledged in the Declaration of Independence. Its elegant simplicity satisfies the standard of Occam’s Razor. It encompasses the heart of all world religions — the basics common to both the perennial philosophy and modern science. It is impartially inclusive of all nationalities, accepting without exception the common humanity of immigrants now flooding across borders all over the world, reshaping the face of the planet Earth. 

Bottom line: to have a United States existing within a peaceful world, we must first shift to a collective awareness and functional understanding of the inclusive, quantum Unified Field Theory which encompasses all humanity, free of unnatural borders. We must come to share a complete and accurate, universal paradigm which respects diversity on the outer, material level of the Life Wheel, exquisitely balanced and held together by a common core at the unchanging, eternal center of Source.

The challenge (opportunity) now opening to us as world citizens — our collective responsibility, not only to ourselves but to future generations – is, one person at a time, NOT to self-suicide, but instead choose the magical, mystical Phoenix Response of death to the old in order to emerge new and changed for the better . . . in the same lifetime

Reconciliation Is an Inside Job

From my heart to yours.

This will be a mosaic of puzzle pieces. I’ll place them here, one at a time. Trust me, they will come together in the end.

* * *

For starters, the reconciliation which philosophers (wisdom lovers) seek isn’t to be found in duality, on the surface of the Life Wheel, where illusory options alternate without cease. I Ching sages put it this way: It is futile to hunt for deer in a forest where none dwell.

To the point, why call the pending econ shift a Rawlsian moment if the collapse and reset is not what Rawles foresaw or which social justice Marxists intend? Extending an olive branch as if to appease them couldn’t possibly prevent the destructive civil war upon which communists are hell-bent.

Calling a donkey’s tail a leg doesn’t make it one. (Remember?) Not only does applying incorrect labels to band-aid over differences fool no one. But current problems are way deeper than labels. Solutions are deeper still.

But not to worry. The reconciliation you sense and strive for IS to be found, IF you know where and HOW to look.

What’s coming doesn’t fit within the box of old thinking – Rawles, Buffet or Munger. Only thinking outside the box, expanding the parameters of reality correctly can encompass what may come.

The synthesis must be more organic, more metaphysical than 3-D, linear thinking allows. It’s outside the narrow, tidy either/or paradigm familiar to logic-choppers. Genuine synthesis isn’t possible within the limited confines of rational thinking. It requires a shift to a broader, more inclusive reality map. One inclusive of not only the rational but also the super- and sub-rational.

Genuine synthesis requires linking the levels of the quantum Life Wheel, placing opposites face-to-face and then transcending them. Unifying them into something new and qualitatively different.

* * *

Shifting gears, let me tell you about a round table discussion held by OA associates a few years back. About six months before his passing, he put out a question. What would each of us most like to have? Before he left, each of our wishes was granted.

One asked for money to repair the house and paint the inside walls. Another wanted a greenhouse for her garden. Yet another asked for a new truck and trailer.

What I asked for was the software of The Bible Code. Though we didn’t purchase the computer version, I was provided with what I really needed. I’d already been given it, though at the time didn’t recognize it as such.

In Kabbalah, the 72 Names of God are encoded in three consecutive verses of Exodus. During the years working the overnight shift at the Relay Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, in order to become familiar with the 72 Names, I retaught myself the basic Hebrew to work with this code.

It answered a long-standing question I’d had about the I Ching. The 72 Names filled in a gap left empty by the Laws of Nature codified in the 64 hexagrams of the Book of Change. Where the I Ching speaks to the fluctuations of energy that influence the material world, the 72 Names speaks to a higher dimension, one of values.

The I Ching is value-free, focusing primarily on the middle, e=energy level of the Life Wheel associated with Natural Law. In contrast, the 72 Names relates primarily to the deeper, c=light level associated with Divine Law.

For example, the I Ching speaks of Gain versus Decline, Promotion versus Adversity, etc. In contrast, the 72 Names speaks to the inner experience of Compassion, Gratitude, Humility, and Angelic Influence.

This isn’t the place to get more technical. And there are overlaps. But, in essence, these approaches to reality address qualitatively different facets of experience.

After my request, what I came across, “coincidentally,” was a whole new side of the 72 Names. The Relay Center work set the foundation that prepared me to now add on new levels of understanding. Each of the 72 Names is associated with specific archangels and angels, as well as their manifestations.

In retrospect, I was being prepared to survive after OA’s passing. Just as I was encompassed by his auric field and protections during his lifetime, I was being made aware that I was and would in the future continue to be supported and sustained not only by him but also the host of angels he referred to as his “drinking buddies.”

* * *

I mention this angelic support as introduction to a relevant experience with a recently purchased, extraordinarily powerful deck of Archangel Metatron messages. I know there are uses and abuses to working with such information sources. The same goes for working with the I Ching, or, for that matter, with various translations (sometimes printed in China) of the Bible. For the sake of this discussion, please give me the benefit of the doubt and stay with me.

I work with this particular deck as a way to make the unconscious conscious, to trigger inner knowing and expand awareness. When I’m really stuck and need help, I call on angelic input for answers. I find this spread particularly compatible. It uses the Star of David, placing messages at each of the six points and then a 7th in the center. It looks like this:

The top point is read as the overall message. The bottom, 6th point is read as action advice. The 2nd and 4th points are lower and higher octaves of overt experience. Their complimentary points in the 3rd and 5th positions correlate with unconscious/subliminal experience and blocks/obstacles. The seventh message is read as the sum effect of the six outer points as they combine to influence the center.

What’s fascinating to me and important here is that the healing effect of working with combined messages requires that what’s hidden must be brought forward and brought into balance with the overt experience in order for resolution and reconciliation to occur. What’s in darkness must be brought into the light, lest it undermine and undo conscious intention.

It’s relevant to the dynamic of Greek tragedy, where the hero’s strength, unbalanced and in extreme, becomes the source of his undoing. Just as Carl Jung regarded the I Ching as a tool for making the unconscious conscious, similarly, to prevent tragedy we must balance and harmonize extremes. This isn’t a Hegelian synthesis so much as Unifying the quantum field, resulting in transformation and transcendence. Shifting to a higher octave, if you will.

That’s where the flat, linear empirical science paradigm which rules out the inner levels of the Life Wheel, allowing only what can be rationally measured and quantified into awareness, betrays us. It prevents the dynamics by which the influences of Natural and Divine Law color and direct decisions affecting the outer material plane of physical existence.

Einstein, the physicist, called this culturally imposed blind spot “the fateful fear of metaphysics.” I’ve called it the fateful fear of self-awareness. This is the rock and hard place between which civilization is stuck right now. And Steering planet humanity safely past the twin dangers of tyranny and anarchy requires full-spectrum, quantum awareness.

* * *

Now, I’ve also been following the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza for quite awhile. He says much the same things, but in rational, science-based language which healthcare professionals and spiritual seekers alike can relate to.

By profession he started as a chiropractor and martial arts/yoga/meditation instructor. This background prepared him perfectly to survive an accident that shattered his spine. Four experts agreed that what remained of his spine had to be surgically altered and fused with metal rods, with the prognosis that he might never walk again.

As a leap of faith, he said NO.

Using powerful mind-intent combined with an exact knowledge of how the spine works, he visualized and – within a relatively short time — repaired himself completely from the inside out. Paying this blessing forward, fulfilling a promise to help heal others as he’d been healed, he’s made it his lifework to teach others what’s possible with the right quantum reality map along with practical information on how to use it.

P.S. Dr. Joe admits that angelic beings show keen interest in his healing workshops. He and other participants repeatedly report their presence, observing and overseeing this work.

For lack of time, I am simply quoting relevant sections transcribed from A MIRACLE Could Happen To YOU! — How Your THOUGHTS Create Your Reality. Applications to the current deconstruction and reconstruction of world governments, economies, etc. abound. Here goes:

. . . the more you understand WHAT you’re doing and WHY you’re doing it, the HOW gets easier.

. . . If you give them the proper instruction and you set up the conditions in the environment where they feel safe enough to create, a certain number of people will get their behaviors to match their intentions and their actions equal to their thoughts. When they do, there’s going to be some type of transformation. All you have to do is understand the formula.

The miraculous of biblical proportions is beginning to happen. This is a time in history when it’s not enough to know. It’s a time to know HOW.

. . .We’re reaching a point of critical mass. We’re living in a time of extreme polarities. Things have to be pulled apart. Polarity . . . if you look at studies in chaos theory . . . there always have to be extreme polarities before there’s a reorganization. And everything that is not consistent with a new level of energy or a new level of consciousness is going to spiral apart.

. . . That greater level of energy and consciousness is causing old systems and old paradigms to begin to spiral out. Whether you’re looking at the environment, politics, economics, religion, education, journalism, medicine . . . all of those paradigms are beginning to unravel because they’re no longer consistent with a greater level of energy.

. . . So, now then, the next question is, how do you change the world? Because if you’re seeing those non-local changes, then those people who are feeling heart coherence . . . every person they’re in a relationship with, that they are networked with, to some measure or degree will have an affect on their autonomic nervous system. They’ll feel more coherent, more loving in that moment. . . . Heartmath Institute has done research in Project Coherence on the effect which can happen on opposite sides of the world.

. . . So the question becomes, How do you become supernatural? Well, you have to first start doing what feels unnatural. When everybody else is in fear, that’s when you show courage. When everybody else is hostile and angry, that’s the time to show love and compassion. When everyone else is in lack and poverty, that’s the time to be generous . . . to give. That gives other people permission to do the same. . .

. . . So when a person is able to sustain or maintain that modified state of mind and being, then the fun starts to happen. Because you start seeing those synchronicities, coincidences, opportunities, unknowns. Things start falling out of nowhere because you are connected to that field of information. Not only are you connected to it but also you’re beginning to influence it.

. . . The Unified Field governs the laws of nature that brings everything into order. As you connect it to more and more, then you experience more wholeness and more oneness, less separation. If you experience less separation, there’s less separation between you and your dreams as well. As you progress deeper into that field you can produce greater effects on the nature of reality because you’re moving closer to its origin.

We experience separation when we feel fear. We experience separation when we feel anger and aggression, pain and suffering. The very chemicals cause us to perceive reality with our senses. But as we get closer and closer to it and experience more of it, then we produce greater effect on the nature of reality because we’re more and more connected to the very field of information that organizes matter into form. We’re climbing upstream to be able to produce an effect downstream.

. . . Only when you are pure consciousness can you begin to change your body. Only when you’re beyond your body can you heal your body. The body can’t heal the body. You have to get beyond your body to heal your body. In order to to create a new experience, you have to get beyond the problems in your life. In order to create a future event in some future time, you’ve got to get beyond predictable linear time.

If you’re going to heal your body by thought alone, create a new experience or event in your life by thought alone, then you have to become thought alone. When you become pure consciousness, that is the moment you are nobody, no one, no thing, nowhere in no time – that is the moment when you are no longer constrained by those [natural] laws.

That is the moment your consciousness, free will, subjective human consciousness merges with the quantum field, the objective universal consciousness. When they come together and you come back to awareness, you take a piece of it with you and you become more like it:

  • You become stronger willed. It is a powerful will.
  • You become more mindful. It is an infinite mind.
  • You more consciousness, more loving, a lover of life.
  • You become more giving. It’s the giver of life.
  • Its nature becomes your nature.

So teaching people how to do that is the art. There are ways to help people get there faster.

Two Way Street

My first response to a video suggesting possible ways out of current madness was that it reminds me of an earlier post, The Highway to Heaven is a Two-Way Street.

I’ll first give you my response to the madness solution and afterwards, in case you’d like to take a look, supply a link to that post.

Premise: Today’s economic/political crisis is reaching critical mass. The war is being fought on several levels at once, not unlike the three-tiered chess game familiar to Kung Fu movie fans. Younger initiates defend the monastery gates, battling enemies in hand-to-hand mortal combat. Behind the scenes, senior monks seated in meditation, apparently immobile, direct subtle forces through mental intent. Higher still, passed-on elders oversee this war between good and evil, guiding the entire process.

Application: This video describes a way to reconcile polar world views. It’s described as a Hegelian synthesis of humanitarian versus totalitarian positions now necessary because an economic reset has become inevitable, triggering an egalitarian “Rawlsian moment.”

As an alternative to civil war followed by tyranny rising from the ashes of our republic, we can make a currency change, along with a transitional, dual currency regime. To prevent economic collapse and another great depression, it is proposed that the U.S. introduce a “newer, wiser taxation system”and social safety net in the context of that new currency.

A la Milton Friedman, we could introduce a flat tax counterbalanced by Universal Basic Income (UBI). This combo offers an olive branch to each political extreme, respecting the claims/priorities of each. The flat tax would satisfy fiscal conservatives. Touted as the greatest anti-poverty program you could hope to come up with, the Universal Basic Income satisfies “social justice” demands.

* * *

Next. Another synthesis with similar potential for reconciliation happens when you plug the antithetical visions described in Thomas Sowell’s A Conflict of Visions: Ideological Origins of Political Struggles into the Life Wheel.

Here’s a summary graph of opposing views.

The two apparently conflicting visions correlate with the in- and outward-moving energies which link the Life Wheel.

Outward-traveling yang energies extend from center to surface. Converting to its complimentary opposite, yang changes to yin, reversing polarity to return from surface to center. In this overview, the two are linked in an infinite loop. No conflict.

The apparent conflict between complimentary yin and yang energies resolves when plugged into this larger picture. Each has a place. The two sides are necessary and, in rhythmic fashion, in their pure form, are mutually reinforcing.

Only in the flat, false (linear) model of empirical science do they clash. All kinds of foolishness regarding authority, natural rights, and freedom follow from failing to work from a complete and accurate reality map.

Further, the war we’re in is not truly a clash of visions. Rather, it’s a clash of intentions. Some honor life and seek to fulfill it. Other want to destroy it.

In other words, what’s not okay is separating complimentary valences, setting them in conflict, creating the illusion that they’re an either/or choice. (Not to mention that those with evil intentions can coopt either “vision” and turn it to destructive ends.)

* * *

So, unfortunately, here’s where the reconciliation proposal, IMHO, breaks down.

Should we harmonize yin and yang, the outward energies of manifestation with the inward energies of aspiration? Yes. Always.

But that’s not the same thing as attempting to reconcile parties motivated by good intentions with those driven by evil forces. Impossible. They’re antithetical.

In How Bad People Become Leaders, I described the importance of acknowledging the existence of evil, and gave a picture to recognize its dynamics.

Basically, evil operates by fragmenting the three levels law: human, natural and divine. They operate out of synch and in conflict.

Evil is antithetical to the very life process, tearing the fundamental life pattern apart. So, NB: Good and evil cannot (!) be equated with yin and yang. Good is inclusive of the harmonious whole, both yin and yang, attainable by males and females of every race without limitation.

Those who love life, who seek truth and understanding and do their best to help others as they can, have more in common with each other than with evildoers within their own groups.

Here’s the picture of the evil:

Hitler is a familiar example of evil, meaning anti-life: intentionally shattering and fragmenting the creative pattern. In Quantum Paradigm context, the intentions and actions of any person (or group) that destroys its own and/or threatens to annihilate enemy groups, devoid of respect for the inherent sanctity of life, are defined as evil.

* * *

Finally, here is the promised link to the supportive post, The Highway to Heaven Is a Two-Way Street. Its reference to the hope of RENAISSANCE underscores the proposed reconciliation’s potential.

* * *

P.S. I regret the hasty, imperfect presentation of this piece. Given limiting circumstances, it is suggestive only. I publish it in hopes that it’s sufficient to prevent fatal flaws in the “reconciliation” approach from undermining a viable, urgently needed interim compromise.


A recent round of comments opened up a Pandora’s box of messy issues. Since that site isn’t purposed to explore them, let’s do so here.

It started when, intending to give a site host a helpful heads up on the subject of timing, I commented:

FYI. From another point of view, the current astrological “weather report” shows all the outer planets in retrograde, auguring delays, setbacks and reversals. In rapid succession, they’ll all turn direct in the early weeks of October. That might be the best time to look for things to suddenly take off.

He responded simply:


Which in turn drew this reproach:

eastern philosophies must have a strong hold on you to believe in the astrological report. (That was me before I was saved…Thank you Jesus!✝) [she challenged the host]: What are your beliefs?

Excuse me? Let’s count a few of the false assumptions wrapped around this condescending attitude.

  • I’m far superior to you.
  • I’m saved; you aren’t.
  • Astrology is a philosophy, and an eastern one at that.
  • Astrology is a belief system [a religion] that’s antithetical to Christianity.
  • My understandings back then were the same as those you hold now.
  • Case closed.

In retrospect, I should have ignored it. But, mistakenly thinking the challenge was directed towards me, I owned my beliefs:

I am of the persuasion that Jeshua ha’Mashia came before and will endure long after puny planet earth. His essence pervades all peoples through all times, influencing all cultures east and west, without prejudice. No either/ors. Since his presence pervades the entire world, how could it be otherwise?

Also . . . there are many approaches to astrology. Some focus on lunar cycles, others on cycles of the sun. Chinese seers followed the stars. Literally astro-logy. Each view represents a fragmented piece of a larger mosaic puzzle. Christ encompasses and surpasses them all.

Also, and this is important, astrology pertains to the e=energy middle level of the Life Wheel. Technically, it is an energy science, not a philosophy defined as “love of wisdom.” It’s just another tool in the decision-maker’s toolbox. Its usefulness depends upon the wisdom and intent of the user.

To make the point, I included this image:

On a side note, another member commented:

I heard 9/6 was a positive day

To which I responded:

Yes. Traditionally, Labor Day is a day of rest, and [as was] pointed out, a time used by many to reconnect with loved ones. He advises using the time to rethink where we’re at and where we’re headed. That accords with the spirit of a New Moon, seen as a fresh start and a time to set positive intentions for the future.

This particular New Moon is in Virgo, sign of service and agricultural abundance. It’s well aspected to Uranus, said to be the visionary planet of innovation and change. So Yes. It’s a good day for reaffirming our positive True North intentions.

What I didn’t add, but will here, is beautifully expressed by Brian Colter. He titles his New Moon video “Batten Down the Hatches.” He compares this auspicious day to the calm before an onslaught of horrific storms. From now to the end of the year, each month is charted to become increasingly more chaotic. As the host also warned, NOW is the time to stock up the pantry and prepare for rough sailing ahead.

* * *

But here’s the kicker. Apparently before my responses were posted, the host took up the challenger’s glove and responded like this:I did not take saying “OK“ has [sic] committing me to any spiritual assertions. Someone was sharing her worldview, and I could not tell if she was really using astrology, or speaking metaphorically through astrological terms. So I noncommittally said, “OK“.

Hope that clears things up for you.

This noncommittal sidetrack probably appeased his critic. Though I appreciate the need to keep members calm, I felt a flash of pain. Self-doubt. “Why bother? Good Will misplaced.” I fired back:

Alas. Spirituality & astrology are, IMHO, non-sequitors.

Your ok was a dismissive “whatever” ? Thanks for clarifying.

* * *

Now none of this would be worth reporting if it were simply a matter of misunderstandings or hurt feelings. But important ideas with serious consequences are at stake.

On the macro scale, this conversation is proof of how desperately we need to shift to the quantum paradigm. Education must support conscious awareness of the full spectrum of human experience.

For example, earlier, the host of same site put out a post calling for members to comment on corruption in government:

“When once a republic is corrupted, there is no possibility of remedying any of the growing evils but by removing the corruption and restoring its lost principles; every other correction is either useless or a new evil.” — Thomas Jefferson

“Nope. Not taking that bait.” To successfully remove corruption, we would first have to pinpoint its driver. The cause of the corruption stems from educating generations of citizens into a fatally flawed (corrupted and corrupting) paradigm of empirical science which rules out both sub-rational and super-rational levels of experience. Garbage in. Garbage out.

To remedy political corruption, we must first prevent the mistakes which occur as a result of ruling out awareness of the inner levels the Life Wheel. Ignorance of their existence and operations put us at extreme disadvantage.

In particular, the e=energy level is where emotions reside. Intellectuals who operate exclusively from head, with closed heart and empty gut, are ineffectual in the world. The professors I worked with in University, for example, behaved like emotional four-year olds. “Emotional intelligence” wasn’t their speciality.

Second, sexual energy also resides in the inner e=energy level. When awareness of these energies is repressed and skillful harnessing of them is made taboo, they fester in the unconscious and manifest darkly. It’s no accident that behind the mask of celibacy, rape and pedophilia run rampant in monasteries, Catholic, Hindu and Buddhist alike.

Not to mention that foreign governments honey pot emotionally immature leaders in government and business to compromise them. Corruption in politics is often driven by fear of blackmail.

* * *

Now, as to astrology in particular. It’s also housed at the non-tangible but nevertheless very real e=energy level. Like any other science (defined as “with knowledge”), it has both uses and abuses. I’m reminded of being obliged to do a statistical study for my dissertation. The stats professor was amazed at the results I got. Most grad students got garbage. How did I explain 99% statistically significant findings?

“Easy,” I told him. I understood the limits of statistics and stayed within its parameters. I tracked demographics and behavior. I did NOT ask value questions.

It’s the same with astrology. Historically, shepherds in the fields and sailors on the high seas depended on their understandings of weather — the seasons, oceans and sky, for safety. Knowing and skillfully abiding by the laws of nature was a matter of survival. The operations of nature have no prejudice, no values. They simply are. Take it or leave it, the consequences are yours.

Although urban dwellers may be relatively disconnected from the elements of nature, the dynamics of human nature remain unchanged.

Now, a passionate, idealistic leader without the advantage of astrology is at serious disadvantage. Because, yes, “Timing is everything.” Promising followers that something will happen because you think it should, because you really really desperately want it to, because you know in your heart it is right, leads to mistakes. If the timing is off, there’s no way (no matter how “right”), you can deliver. So. Before making promises, check your astral watch. For best results, know what time it is and temper behavior accordingly.

As for abuses of astrology, while “good” guys sanctimoniously condemn and abstain, dark side folks take full advantage. For example, ups and downs of economic trends are easily calculated. Those well advised on financial matters can become fantastically rich, while others must depend on listening to gut and/or intuition for similar effect.

Also, astral charts for most public figures are easily obtained, even online. You can trust that leaders’ weaknesses are well known to dark side manipulators, who’ve chosen pawns accordingly and placed them in position in order to use them.

* * *

So. A few quick thoughts. Questions? Comments? You’re welcome to contact me at

Rethinking Elephants

I’m partial to elephants.

It started with Dr. Seuss. Remember Horton Hatches the Egg?

Here’s the repetitive line I identified with, the one that stayed with me:

There are many kinds of elephants, don’t you know. There are loyal elephants, like Horton, who commit to major challenges and follow through, proving themselves faithful no matter what. (A handful of patriots come to mind. I’m sure you know who I mean.)

There are boundary-spanner elephants who link the levels of experience, horizontally and vertically.

Republicans represent themselves as elephants. Few, however, act faithful to our Constitution — with notable exceptions, of course, including our rightful President.

Lastly there are dark elephants, the ones that hide in plain sight . . . the existence of which mainstream operatives desperately deny. Election fraud, for example, comes to mind, along with deep state, media, and big tech collusion.

At today’s crossroads, the extent to which we succeed in exposing these guys for what they are will determine what future direction our nation takes.

* * *

This post started as my response to an email from Patrick Byrne’s web community. I had to unsubscribe. (My credit card is maxed). But someone of good will reached out.

Hey there @PatWest, Looks like you are packing up to leave Patrick Byrne on Locals and I hate to see you go. Here’s a promo code for you to stick around a bit longer. Please come back and take part in the community by writing a post or comment.

So, per invite, the Horton in me decided to hatch a post. Since the level of ideas is where I am able to contribute, this is my thanks for reaching out.

* * *

Among elephant jokes, this is my favorite riddle:

Q: How does an elephant play bridge?

A: By placing two feet on one side of the river, and two feet on the other.

In Rethinking Survival, I addressed the important function of boundary spanners.

Much can be said about the consequences of failing to honor the boundary-spanner function. Systems tend to filter out the elephants who actively qualify themselves to span both sides of the river, the better to create the harmony and balance of equitable solutions.

Where’s the method in this madness? Who stands to benefit? Who stands to lose?

* * *

Then there’s the famous elephant parable. It’s described in “Atheism Answered,” a chapter out of Rethinking Survival.

The Ant and the Elephant

An ancient parable from India captures the dilemma of human inadequacy in the search for Truth. Blind men were introduced to a gigantic elephant. After coming in touch with a single part, each reported his experience.

The one who embraced a leg said elephants are round and rough, like the trunk of a tree. The next, who felt a tusk, said elephants are hard and sharp, like a sword. The one who felt an ear described elephants as thin, flat and flexible. The last, who grabbed hold of the tail, was certain elephants are like ropes, perhaps even whips.

These next riddles capture the irony of human gropings.

Q: What’s the height of ambition?

A: An ant climbing up an elephant’s leg with sex on its mind.

Q: What’s the height of fulfillment?

A: The ant climbing down the elephant’s leg with a smile on its face.

Just so, like blind beggars, we fumble to understand universal Truth. We’re like ants who aspire beyond our limits, sometimes fortunate enough to enjoy a taste of satisfaction.

In Quantum Paradigm context, arguments between religionists and atheists are noisy and futile. Atheists who deny the existence of God might as well argue that atoms have no nucleus, or that the solar system has no sun. It’s like ants presuming to deny the existence of elephants.

Their arguments have no affect whatsoever on the eternal Center which was, IS, and always will be.

Have authority-cloaked religionists, for thousands of years, abused the name of God to excuse abuse of power, claiming divine rights for human rulers — be it European kings, Chinese emperors, Russian tzars, Arabian caliphs . . . whomever? Certainly.

Have their enemies repeatedly wrested temporal power away from its holders, only to abuse it in even worse ways themselves? Definitely.

Have humans suffered unspeakable cruelties and injustices at the hands of fellow humans from time immemorial? Sadly so. Continuous upheavals on the material surface of the Life Wheel are part of life on planet Earth.

But the existence of the unchanging silent Center continues into infinity, regardless of what’s happening on the surface. Whether you assign a particular name or honor it with awe in simple silence, it remains the same.

If you’re totally disillusioned by bad luck or by the particular version of religion enforced by your elders, your quarrel is with the ways of the world and its human institutions. Your misfortunes don’t reflect on the Creator’s existence. That’s a different subject.

God the Creator continues to broadcast from the Eternal Center. Whether you listen remains your choice, the exercise of God-given Free Will.

* * *

Here’s a fun visual version of the Quantum Overview:

* * *

This was a roundabout way to arrive at my two basic points. The first is to repeat my concern that restoring free/fair/transparent elections is necessary, but not sufficient. More fundamentally, we have to identify/correct the fracture in the way we’ve been taught to think. It’s responsible for the atheistic/Marxist mess into which the world’s “well-educated” ruling class has devolved. We have to expose and eliminate that dangerous dark elephant from the room.

Unless/until a positive paradigm shift restores awareness/experience of quantum wholeness to every facet of experience, blind men’s fractured versions of reality will continue to generate toxic results.

Second, I wholeheartedly commend Lt. General Michael Flynn’s quantum overview. He calls for awareness that today’s world is engaged in outright warfare operating on four distinct levels: physical, emotional, mental, and – all encompassing – spiritual. Wheels within Wheels.

On 12-12-20, he told a crowd gathered in Washington D.C.:

We will win the spiritual battle for the heart and soul of the nation. We are in a crucible moment. The Truth will prevail. We fight with faith and courage. We will knock down the Jericho walls of the deep state with light and truth. Truth will always triumph over lies.

Today, the world dearly needs an army of loyal, boundary-spanner leaders within every field of endeavor, operating from this quantum overview, restoring common sense, harmony and balance to our lives.

Let’s rock!

My Legacy

In a world turned upside down, the seven-year-old me walked hand-in-hand with Mom down the plush carpeted aisle of Buffalo’s Temple Beth El and took a seat half-way down what seemed like an enormous high hall. We’d come to say Kaddish, the prayer honoring the dead, for William Kirby West. My father.

This cold snowy city was a far cry from sunny Tuscon, where my parents took me to Unitarian kindergarten class. Christmas was the best. Older kids, blindfolded, whacked away at a green/red/yellow-ribboned pinata. When it spilled its candy onto the floor, younger ones (like me) rushed in, gleefully grabbing as much as little fists could hold.

In contrast, temple was a solemn place. Complying with ritual words, “Will mourners please rise,” Mom stood. Wooden. Lipsticked, foreign face. A tear rolled down her cheek. I squeezed her hand.

The congregation, in unison, repeated Israel’s ancient words of faith, awakening ancient memories in my soul.

The child-me experienced the resonant sound of the Shema as visceral, magical music. Over a lifetime, I’ve continued to visit and revisit this timeless call, adding layer upon layer of meaning and appreciation.

A few day before my 76th birthday, in the winter, grieving time of life, I question. What legacy am I given to leave behind?

In today’s fractured state, with the world at critical mass, is there is a Way to keep the ancient faith that sustained our forefathers alive — a vibrant Way to hand it down to future generations?

Or will it pass away, dust in the wind?

Shall we lament over all that’s passed away? Or, like the mourners who’ve repeated the life-affirming Kaddish for thousands of years, shall we acknowledge our small part in the Creator’s divine plan, restoring harmony and peace to our lives.

A key likely to make the difference is the Unified Field Theory intuited by Einstein, equally compatible with Torah, Yoga and modern physics.

Here’s a simple picture of what I mean. It shows the integrating dynamic of all-encompassing, infinite LOVE linking the Shema’s levels of heart, soul and might.

That’s the short version.

Before my time’s up, God willing, I’ll elaborate, doing this simple concept with its many implications and applications – spiritual, psychological, social, political — due justice.

May you choose LIFE, dear reader, and go all in, supporting what you love with all your heart, soul and might.

The Qualification That Matters

In Timing Is Everything, I made a request:

For those new to my work, just for now, please give me the benefit of the doubt. Let the ideas stand on their merit. I’ll post another blog soon giving you good reason to trust the validity of what I say.

Here, I keep that promise. 

I start with a quote from Already Enough:

By now, you’re probably asking yourself, “Who is she to say all these things?” In fact, I earlier thought there are others doing related work who are far better qualified in terms of public recognition to offer the Unified Field Theory to the world. Dr. Joe Dispenza, Gregg Braden and Bruce Lipton, for example.

Gregg Braden, in particular, seemed a likely candidate. He left a military complex career motivated by the same dread of nuclear war that drove Einstein. He asked out loud for the one thing which would persuade the world that life is far too precious to destroy in war. And I answered him that the Life Wheel with all its implications is that one thing he’d asked for. No response.

In another video, Braden described physicists having a problem in their search for the Unified Field Theory because they’re unwilling to include the “consciousness factor.” Again, I contacted him. The Quantum Paradim does just that, I said. It includes the consciousness factor and embodies that elusive Unified Field Theory. No response.

So it boils down to the story of The Little Red Hen. Remember Diane Muldrow’s classic children’s story? The little red hen calls for help in planting her seeds. After no one comes forward, she goes ahead and does the work herself. Just so, I decided. I have to plant these seed ideas myself.

On the one hand, does it really matter who the messenger is? It’s the message that counts. If the truth of what I say resonates and the results work for you, the message speaks for itself. It stands on its own merit.

On the other hand, if you really believe that the messenger matters, then truth be told, the best of what I know comes from personal experience.

Which isn’t to say I haven’t paid my dues. I’ve earned the traditional academic credentials to string behind my name. (B.A. from Oberlin College. M.A. and Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.) I’ve published books. Early years are described in Who I Am To Say.

But in this light, they don’t much matter. In fact, most of what I learned in schools later had to be unlearned.

The qualification that genuinely matters here is that I have a good teacher. A really, really good teacher. And that we have your best interests at heart.

* * *


As a young adult, my Life Wheel centered around the goal of becoming a worthy musician. Every sector was organized around this single purpose.

Yet never once did I consider earning a living as a violin teacher. The ones I worked with were way too narrow. They trained wrist and fingers. They knew about fingering the notes written on sheet music, but the heart and soul of sound wasn’t their department.

I had to design my own course of learning.

I chose Oberlin College because it allowed me to balance a top-notch liberal arts program with a world-class music school. I didn’t major in music. Instead, I studied violin privately as an “amateur” (a music lover), but majored in world literature and intellectual history.

I wanted to understand the ideas that drove great composers and their patrons. I had to delve into scriptures to feel the devotion that inspired Bach and Mozart.

I needed to know about the physics of sound vibration. I haunted the workshop of a local violin maker to watch how he built and maintained his instruments.

To me, the physical body was a resonant instrument. Tuning it was essential to my calling. Breathing, exercise and personal self-maintenance were integral to my overall vision.

The musicians I performed with in ensembles and orchestras were my friends and family in spirit. We went to concerts together and socialized afterwards at the local pub.

* * *

All that changed when I committed to spiritual practice. Music had become an addiction. To grow further, I had to release it. Go cold turkey.

But by the time I met Old Avatar, I’d reached the end of my rope. I put out a call to the Universe. “Why am I here? If you want me to stay, let me know why!” I was ready. He appeared.

Being a worthy student quickly became the center around which I organized my life. OA had no use for a space cadet on board. I needed grounding. Temporary jobs got me out into the community, where I picked up a broad range of practical business skills to help build a new business.

As a hobby, I took the Book of Change with me wherever I went. I consulted it to think about how the organizations I moved through were run and how things could be done better.

Later, I took a permanent job working the overnight shift at the Wisconsin State Relay Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. In effect, it gave me over three years to read, think and pray during the long, quiet nights.

There was more than a little irony in serving the deaf community. The world at large, it seemed, was just as deaf to so much that’s going on.

And truth is way stranger than fiction. OA is, in fact, a Universal Avatar. This is just one of his universes. From my point of view, in meeting him, I’d won the lottery of life.

Lao Tze describes his influence. “The presence of true masters is only suspected.” His Universal Mind permeates the field. Those open to his magic respond and all is done.

For example, when he needed a better, faster computer, his design spontaneously appeared on the market. Popular movies mirrored his life story. Meditation teachers echoed his MPI standard: “Be AWARE of what you’re doing and why.”

* * *

OA’s way of showing affection was to gently tap the center of my forehead. This blessing always made me smile, received as a kindly reminder to focus. “Get smart.” “Remember who you are.”

When we spoke of commitment, he tapped my heart. His formula was Head + Heart = YES.

Which isn’t to say everything was always peachy-keen easy. Magical times were off-set by opposite and equal challenges. The Relay Center lost its contract. Staff was abruptly laid off. I retired to work with OA full time.

He was absent journeying through “Other Where” more often than he was fully here. It took a toll on his health. After a serious scare, he decided to move from Madison to a rural location. By that time, becaring him was my 24/7 calling.

* * *

The evening before Old Avatar returned home, he lovingly said good-night. Early the next morning, I sat up suddenly in bed, knowing I should retrieve a jewelry case long since entrusted to my safe-keeping.

Later, while roommates panicked after finding him cold, I quietly retreated to open the case. He’d foreseen and prepared for that moment. It was his parting blessing and inheritance.

Among other things, it held a solid gold ring, set with diamond and sapphire chips, engraved with his initials. As things got increasingly tough, I started wearing it on a chain close to my heart to get me through.

Now he speaks to me through all I read. The story of Anita Moorjani’s near death experience confirmed OA’s NDE. At age eleven, he choked on a fish bone and died. During eleven minutes of clinical death, he recovered billions of years of personal memories, as well as the vision of his future purpose.

From Dying To Be Me, Anita’s book, I took comfort in her deceased father’s assurance that his infinite presence is “here, there and everywhere.” Yes. Just so, OA’s presence continues to permeate the field.

Since his departure on June 1, 2019, every day fills, even without planning. I know to go here and there, find this and do that. But it is becoming increasingly clear that it’s time to organize my next Life Wheel.

In reading a Marisa Peer book, I took a hint from the story of Buckminster Fuller being at the end of his rope, just as I was right before meeting OA. Bucky had a mystical experience that pulled him back from the brink of suicide. A voice said to him:

You do not have the right to eliminate yourself. You do not belong to you. You belong to the Universe. Your significance will remain forever obscure to you, but you may assume you are fulfilling your role if you apply yourself to converting your experiences to the highest advantage of others.

Through Bucky’s story, OA was instructing me to structure my next Life Wheel around converting my experiences to serve the higher good.

He was winking at me from the far side again this afternoon, as I had a hunch to look into Buckminster Fuller’s life and connection with Einstein.

I had to laugh when I came across this quote, “We have to work under incredible faith in the Integrity of our Universe.”

And again, “There is quite clearly the manifest of an extraordinary Intellectual Integrity operating in Universe. . .”

Yup. That’s my Universal Avatar, saying “Hello.”

I followed Bucky’s search for Universe’s basic structures and natural patterns, intuitively close to the pattern of concentric circles in the e = mc2 Life Wheel that repeats throughout nature and art:

. . . as we begin to get a little closer to nature, which unquestionably means getting considerably happier, we’re going to find ourselves getting considerably more efficient. And I just wanted you to be aware of that as I talk, and I talk about the biggest kinds of patterns.

Then I found this:

I am gradually exposing to you grand strategies of Nature’s way of solving problems showing you that she has principles that are operating in Universe.

Yes indeed. Bucky was intuiting (perhaps retrieving from the akashic library) the existence of the Laws of Nature encoded in the sadly misunderstood and underrated Book of Change which has served me so well as good friend and advisor.

So, yes, Dear Reader. Please be aware that OA is winking at you through the pages of this humble book.

It’s his calling card, his way of using me as an instrument of hope to bring the world back from the brink . . . one person at a time . . . starting with YOU.


For reasons quantum and astral, June 10, 2021, is the right and necessary time to publish a collage of ideas with the potential to usher in a better, more hopeful future.

For those new to my work, just for now, please give me the benefit of the doubt. Let the ideas stand on their merit. I’ll post another blog soon giving you good reason to trust the validity of what I say.

In September of 2020, I wrote We’re at Critical Mass. It offered this kernel of hope: “Sages know that when degeneration reaches critical mass, regeneration follows.” Today I’m continuing that thread, expanding on key concepts with the potential to spark that regeneration. A re-naissance, if you will.

I’ll start with a snippet, “Premise,” from Election Integrity is Symptom, Not Cure, written for the valiant band of patriots giving their all to restore integrity to the U.S. election process.

Next, building on that, I’ll give you a picture of the prevailing, dis-integrative paradigm which is generating corruption across the board.

This is followed by the positive solution for restoring inner integrity, world wide. . . one person at a time. This inner integrity is the necessary foundation of enduring social/political stability.

A long-foreseen paradigm shift is in progress. Beginning with current chaos, called by astrologers “the deconstruction of the old order,” there’s a ray of future hope emerging — alternative, possibly better futures.

So. I will quote from the 2014 Introduction to Rethinking Survival, and then give illustrations –examples of ways to apply the unifying Quantum Paradigm to specific subjects: Thomas Paine’s Common Sense, Education, Creativity and Magic.

Please stay with me. This could change the WAY you think forever. Here we go.


Restoring free, fair and transparent elections is NECESSARY to the future of the United States as it continues to evolve. It is NOT, however, SUFFICIENT.

As the visible tip of a deep dangerous iceberg, restoring the process of free, fair and transparent elections is a key rallying point. It’s a vitally important starting place. But . . .

My urgent, ardent prayer is that we don’t stop, satisfied to fix the surface symptom, but instead take the next necessary step by going deep – really deep – to trace the problem of corruption back to its root cause and remedy that. Changes to the curriculum and structure of education will be essential to bringing about enduring, positive change.

Put another way, the election crisis is an acute symptom of an underlying dis-ease. We can welcome it as a screeching alarm. But it’s a just a warning signal, a call to fix the underlying cause — the false paradigm itself. Unless we identify and eliminate the root cause of disease, it will simply mutate, taking on different forms.

Patrick Byrne recently quoted Napoleon as saying, “Ideas rule the world.” An unfortunate corollary is, “False paradigms can destroy the world.”

Now. The trigger of the American revolution was lack of consent of the governed. Then, the issue was taxation without representation. But this was the surface symptom. The deeper, root cause was that the of laws of man, of nature and nature’s God (as eloquently put in the Declaration of Independence), had become perilously out of synch. At odds.

And the same is true today. Although a rigged election and weaponized virus are the triggers, again the underlying problem is the same. The false paradigm of empirical science which rules out the existence of inner levels of subtle experience has fragmented society into a world where the very existence of three interdependent levels of law has been forgotten.

So. I’ll show you the picture of levels of law in synch, followed by the current, chaotic state of fragmentation. Corruption in the way we “think” — entrenched in schools and poisoning social/economic/political and healthcare institutions across the board — is the root problem.

This is hidden danger which must be exposed and corrected in order to restore Unity within and then without, regenerating our personal lives and then the civilization at large.

The complete and accurate Quantum Paradigm, exquisitely simple, meets the comprehensive standard of Occam’s Razor. It is embodied in the archetypal Life Wheel which is equally compatible with ancient mysticism and quantum physics. It is the Unified Field Theory which Einstein intuited, but for lack of yoga training, missed.

[I totally apologize for the quality of images here. The originals are clear, but they translate poorly into the website. Lacking technical support, for the sake of timing and urgency/value of the concepts, I’m choosing to do the best I can given limited resources. Perhaps the Universe is calling prescient co-workers to assist me in completing this invaluable work.]

In the context of the Declaration of Independence, the levels of law look like this:

Now, empirical science says, “What is measurable, tangible, physical, quantifiable, that to which we can apply statistics — only that is real. Everything else is ruled out.”

And that’s a disaster. Here’s a picture of what happens. Denying the existence of inner levels of experience doesn’t change reality. They don’t cease to exist. They’re pushed out of awareness. The pieces fragment. They intersect in part, but not completely. And way out there, isolated and out of reach, is Source. Light. Conscience. Whatever you choose to call it.

At critical mass, this picture of widespread degeneration — with levels out of synch and at odds — explains, among many other things, the current, worldwide leadership deficit.

* * *

Here, from the Introduction to Rethinking Survival, is a description of the healing Quantum Paradigm:

Timeless teachings are the common heritage of all humanity. They aren’t the exclusive property of a particular culture or class. The most powerful ideas are, paradoxically, the most simple. They deserve to be expressed in the clearest language with fewest words possible, free of bias and distortions – accessible to anyone with basic reading skills and an open heart.

This is the premise of the Common Sense Book of Change and now, its distillation in the Quantum Paradigm of Change. Like the venerable I Ching [the encyclopedia of Natural Law,] applications of the Life Wheel are virtually limitless. It’s like a laser beam which, wherever it’s pointed, illumines the field. Both are effective tools for analysis, introspection and decision-making. The Life Wheel, however, is better suited to the short attention span of today’s users.

The Quantum Paradigm is the modern day answer to the ancient question, “What is that, knowing which, all else is known?” It images the axiomatic truth that humans are made in the Creator’s image. Like fractales, the microcosm mirrors the macro. It holds true on every scale of magnitude, from atoms to individuals, from families and nations to solar systems.

In sum: Just as the Titanic’s engineers failed to recognize the ship’s fatal flaw, today’s corporate and political leaders, acting on misinformation, are steering the planet ever closer to the brink of destruction. The Quantum Paradigm offers the hopeful opportunity to rethink our collective future, shift away from the current collision course towards disaster and ensure human survival.

Here are just a few applications relevant to 2021 concerns. In 2014, when they were created, I was in the early stages of blogging. However imperfect, they still reflect ideas worth your careful thought.

* * *

* * *

* * *

What You Seek . . . 021221

The flame of will to write seemed out.

I turned my attention elsewhere. Humans are too distracted by chaos; media conspires to ramp up fear, censor truth and hope. Voices like mine just get lost in the noise.

Yet messages wanting an outlet sneak in under the radar, bringing me back to my calling.

I wanted to know more about the akasha – the stuff of the fifth element yogis call ether. They say there’s an akashic library where every thought ever thought is recorded. Your past and the paths forward towards every potential future are all there for those who know how to look.

I became interested because these records hold answers to questions about life purpose. And lately, I’ve been wondering why I’m still here, even after my beloved teacher returned home to keep company with his “drinking buddies,” the archangels.

Until recently, this whimsical quote from Richard Bach’s Illusions satisfied me:

Here is a test to find whether your mission on earth is finished.

If you’re alive, it isn’t.

But now it’s not enough.

Old Avatar instantly retrieved whatever information he needed — seemingly out of thin air. Students thought he was a genius, assuming he’d memorized books read in the past. But I knew from what OA told me, he accessed the akashic records. At the time, it didn’t occur to me to ask how. Now I wished I had.

Watching videos, I learned that the akash is compared to the internet. Except, in this case, all the information of the Universe is out there, beyond time, in the quantum field. It’s available to anyone with the basic equipment and skills.

There are countless methods for attuning the human radio-mind to this wave length. Most involve meditation practices.

Over night, I tried listening to a sleep meditation, Access the Akashic Records to Learn Your Soul Name and Purpose Hypnosis.

Though well done and intriguing, it reinforced an unintended lesson. “Be careful what you wish for.” Before treading in potentially treacherous waters, have a carefully defined intention. DON’T mess carelessly with this vast field. You could get lost and not come back. I woke up remembering a painfully distressing dream – something about a rescue dog begging for help. But I couldn’t save it. It was definitely an experience I don’t care to repeat.

But further thought led to another Aha! I realized that as a meditative method — asking specific questions and tapping into intuitive answers — working with the Book of Change is perfectly suited to accessing the akasha. I’d been already doing it all along.

Even better, this method and its benefits are available to you as well.

Here’s what I learned from this exploration that needs to be shared: What you seek is already within. Think carefully on this. The meaning will expand and grow on you, I promise.

I did the following reading on February 11th. At the time, its message of prosperity, sharing and community made zero sense to me, living in isolation as I currently do, under strict COVID restrictions. Only after researching the akasha and possibility of future potentials does its meaning hold hope. You’re welcome to decide what you make of it for yourself.

PROSPERITY is the initial, dynamic answer to the question, “What should I intend for the future at this New Moon in Aquarius?” It reads:

Use the time of PROSPERITY as the opportunity to benefit as many as possible. Hoarding wealth of any kind hastens loss. Nature acts to distribute resources equally. Therefore the way to prevent poverty is to live modestly in the present. Share wisely, without prejudice. This secures continued well-being. Avoid possessiveness.

At first take, it seems ironic to think of the current time as one of Prosperity. At best, it feels like the calm before a coming storm. But keep in mind OA’s warning, “Never challenge worse.” Were the grid to go down — for any reason, human or natural — and the internet were to become a faint memory, humans would again have to rely directly on the akash and inner knowing instead of man-made imitations for access to the quantum field.

Today, most of us still have sufficient food and adequate shelter. Even in Wisconsin’s sub-zero temperatures, I’m not suffering over much. But were depopulation plans of one-world order folks allowed to mature, many will starve and meet horrible ends. It’s best to appreciate and protect the blessings at hand.

In my case, the wealth I have to share is my experience with the Book of Change. Thinking no one wants it is a form of prejudice, I suppose. Moving forward, I’ll do my best and leave the results to those who know better than I.

* * *

Advice of the fifth line reads, “Seek out the best advice available. Follow it. Much benefit.”

In my particular case, with zero direct human contact, the Book of Change is my one source of good advice. Today, sharing its usefulness as a portal into the akashic records seems to be the path open both to me and others. When advice is heeded, it turns into Change:

Day and night replace each other in endless cycles of CHANGE. The same natural law generates flux in human events. The unprepared see change as a threat, but the well-prepared face the unknown calmly. They know that after degeneration reaches critical mass, regeneration follows. Welcome the new. Avoid short-sighted fear.

In today’s context, Change reinforces deep foreboding. We’re in the calm before a great storm whose the outcome cannot be foreseen. Our attitudes, whether positive or negative, will determine which of alternative possible futures materializes.

* * *

Advice of the top, sixth line reads, “Share with others. Holding back unwisely ends in lonely isolation.”

This reinforces the thread of sharing. If I don’t hold back, through writing I can connect with others, even if not in obvious, direct ways. When the advice is heeded, it changes to Energy, which reads:

By harmonizing the different aspects of one’s internal life, family relationships and job responsibilities, one can make the best use of intrinsic ENERGY. Organizing various inner energies makes it possible to act creatively and dynamically in the external world. Harness energy to worthy goals and projects. Avoid conflict and waste.

I have a hunch as to how this applies to me, but I’ll leave it to you to sort out the ways in which it applies to your immediate situation.

* * *

When the advice of both changing lines is heeded, their combined, final outcome is Community, which reads:

Commitment to COMMUNITY is a necessary part of individual growth. Choose leaders who can express common goals with clarity. They will know how to assign work according to ability so that all prosper. In the harmonious community, creative power expresses through the skillful work of individuals. Avoid all selfishness.

Here we come full circle, with generosity being linked to the intent for future Prosperity, whether the community be in the physical, through the internet, or the quantum field.

If you’d like a copy of the Common Sense Book of Change, or extras to give others, click here.

To order Two Sides of a Coin: Lao Tze’s Common Sense Way of Change, click here.

Okay, then. That’s all for now. Take care, all.

My Dream – 020421

Late Saturday night, the final day of January, I woke up from a vivid dream that asked to be remembered. I picked up the mini-recorder at my bedside to capture the memory, still fresh.

The original dream triggered a flow of thoughts. I kept recording.

The following day, I transcribed the entire flow. There was enough for several posts, even a little book along the lines of What Is the Freedom You Want? or Be Careful What You Dream Of.

For today, I’ll just tell you about that late night dream and my conclusion. I get back to the steps leading from point A to Z later.

In the dream, I had an urgent message for multi-talented, multi-millionaire Patrick Byrne. His well-known mentors include Warren Buffet and Milton Friedman, proponent of school choice — close cousin to the alternative school I credentialed myself to create.

In contrast, we knew my hidden but vastly more attained teacher as, simply, “Old Avatar.”

In the dream, I was sent to warn Patrick of things OA taught me probably outside his teachers’ range of experience. I urged him to understand that good intentions, a steel-trap mind and even a martial arts black belt aren’t enough. Bad guys are broadcasting from the invisible e=energy level of the Life Wheel (called the bardo, dream field, or subconscious) – affecting the masses at an unconscious level. Accordingly, psychic shielding is essential to spiritual warfare.

Unfortunately, schools don’t teach from a paradigm that includes energy dynamics, much less their abuse. Bad guys exploit this blind spot. To prevail, good guys must become more aware and skillful in the full-spectrum of quantum potentials.

My conclusion: 21st century institutional resets across the board all depend upon first restoring the complete, accurate Quantum Paradigm to common public knowledge. All else follows.

Today I’ll ask the Book of Change for feedback on this preliminary paradigm shift. Supporting details will follow in future posts.

PERMANENCE is the original, dynamic answer to today’s basic question, “What is the I Ching’s view of building future institutions consistent with the Quantum Paradigm?”

First I thought, I’ve seen this answer before. Recently. When I checked my notes, all the variables appear in the last two readings, repeating yet again from earlier 2020 posts. But their placements are different, making the immediate answer unique to this question.

In fact, at first the question was more detailed. “Institutions” was qualified to include governments, military, media, schools and healthcare, as well as legal and economic systems. The paradigm was qualified as one which balances reason and compassion with faith.

The starting point of the reading is:

Search for PERMANENCE in the timeless wisdom of all ages. Human events repeat themselves in well-ordered patterns over many generations. Although the actors change, the values they pass on through their examples endure. Nothing of permanent value is ever lost. Live worthy of your heritage. Avoid disrespect for traditions.

My first thought: at the start this shift, we need to recognize there’s no necessary conflict between the Quantum Paradigm and traditional teachings. It’s not an either/or choice. To the extent that Truth is eternal and unchanging, by definition its expressions old and new will confirm and reinforce each other. Only to the extent that they aren’t consistent are choices required.

Here’s an example. The Shema is a three-part Torah command intoned by Jews in synagogue: Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, with all thy soul, and with all thy might.

It’s echoed in the triad of the Lord’s Prayer taught by Christ. As I repeat every night, Thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory forever.

The same triad repeats as energy centers in Chinese and Sanskrit yogas. In turn, they’re compatible with the variables of Einstein’s formula and with the levels of the archetypal Life Wheel. (Later on, I’ll give you a simple picture to help visualize this unifying theme.)

* * *

Advice of the fourth line reads, “To find what you seek, look in the right place.” This is the converse of poetic I Ching wisdom, “Don’t hunt for deer in a forest where none dwell”

In my dream, I warned Patrick that tangible results on the material 3D surface of the Life Wheel cannot be not changed at the same level. Surface events flow from and are effectively improved upon only from deeper levels of 4D and 5D quantum reality.

As Einstein put it, problems cannot be solved on the same level at which they occur. To expect they could be is a form of insanity.

Put another way, corrupt political/economic practices on the surface, material plane of the Life Wheel are symptoms. The root cause and cure cannot be found except by going deeper. The paradigm which economists like Buffet and Friedman represent does not speak to 1) the e=energy, subconscious level where corruption festers; or 2) still deeper, the c=light, superconscious level from which creative innovations arise.

When advice is heeded and a complete, correct approach to creating institutional structures is accepted, the line changes to Promotion, which reads:

Promotion will come from steady, positive improvement over time. Rising to meet new challenges results in emotional maturity. Advancing on the job puts one in the position to serve those who are in need. Quiet, persistent self-discipline wins the confidence of others. Make the most of opportunities. Avoid hesitation.

Forward motion toward a positive shift will not succeed over night, but is well-worth our consistent, positive action towards this goal.

* * *

Advice of the fifth line reads, “Choose methods by purpose. Visionary projects require creativity and courage.” Quantum theory is not enough. We also need awareness methods and tools for invoking direct experience. Meditation and working with the I Ching are premier practices to this end.

When advice is heeded and balance achieved, the line changes to Inner Strength, which reads:

When difficult situations come to a head, rely on INNER STRENGTH to endure. If it becomes necessary to retreat, do so with courage and self-confidence. Make sure your inner and outer resources are secure. If you must begin a new life, you will have to depend on them. Avoid helplessness.

In geometry, a triangle is the most stable form. This strength is compounded by the intersection of opposite, complimentary strengths.

In the short term, however beneficial the outcome of simplification, it won’t happen quickly or easily. Resistance to the new by entrenched power holders will predictably be fierce and merciless. The courage and strength of solar system, “hara,” lower tan tien . . “true grit”. . . is required in full measure to see us through to the positive results of this blessed paradigm shift.

* * *

When the advice of the changing lines is heeded, Origin is their combined outcome. It reads:

All people thirst to know the roots their ORIGIN. At one level, learning about family and cultural traditions fills this need. At another level, this quest is satisfied by seeking for deeper knowledge. The vitality of all races flows from a single source which never runs dry. Avoid narrow-mindedness.

Right now, the majority are stuck on the narrow-minded surface of the Life Wheel. The prevailing false paradigm prevents humanity from accessing the deepest level for which we all thirst.

It’s like the patient’s picture in Jung’s Alchemical Studies. A bird stands before a closed door in the trunk of a large tree and weeps. The tree is the Tree of Life. The bird is the human spirit. Its soul weeps because it cannot enter.

The quest for fulfillment at deeper levels of the Life Wheel is stuff of the archetypal hero’s journey. Odysseus adventures to find his way home. The prodigal son returns to the father.

As we each repeat the pattern, one person at a time, the larger civilization as a whole will begin to reflect the sum of our individual achievements.

The Path of Reason – 012821

Today’s I Ching answer totally surprised me, though in retrospect it makes perfect sense. I expected consequences of not choosing the Path of Love to be catastrophic. But the Tao is merciful. Eventually, all paths (however different, difficult and long) reunite, meeting at the same mountain top.

In hindsight, I recognized that the outcome of either choice is similar (though the process is not). Why? It goes back to the Great Reconciliation described earlier. Faith leads to knowledge. Knowledge leads to faith. Apparently opposite approaches to experience are linked in an infinite loop. It looks like this:

Yesterday’s complimentary post, The Path of Love, focused on today’s full moon in Leo. But for folks closed by education and/or prejudice to the e=energy, middle level of the Life Wheel, that message rings false. They’re too reasonable, logical and intelligent to take stock of such nonsense. Operating on the empirical science paradigm which rules out anything which can’t be measured and quantified, all too many are stuck on the slow, round-about way to wisdom.

The good news for those who sincerely seek truth is that they’ll (eventually) find their way home. For, as it has wisely been said, “That which you seek seeks you.” Love will find a way to get through to the noisy mind, opening even the most hardened heart.

So long as we keep moving, the infinite path will take us home. Hearts closed for whatever reason – be it pride, disappointment, or abuse – can heal. Because it’s a two-way street, facts and faith will eventually align. In God’s time, each leads to the other.

I Ching wisdom confirms that when skillfully balanced, opposite approaches to fulfillment complement and complete each other:

OPPOSITES attract. When they are skillfully balanced, they unite to form a heart with a common center. When they clash, the conflict is destructive. Blending opposites is not easy. Rely on the unity beneath all diversity to bridge the gap. The result will be a creative flowering.

The open, receptive Path of Love is pure yin. In Taoist shorthand, it’s represented by an upward-pointing triangle. The grounded, masculine Path of Reason is pure yang, represented by a downward-pointing triangle. When merged, they form the biblical Star of David, the Hindu Shri Yantra. This particular image appeals to me because the center encompasses its parts.

Without exception, the hexagrams appearing in today’s reading are already familiar from The Lessons of 2020. ORIGIN is the original but dynamic answer to the question, “What is the consequence of failing to choose the higher path?” It reads:

All people thirst to know the roots their ORIGIN. At one level, learning about family and cultural traditions fills this need. At another level, this quest is satisfied by seeking for deeper knowledge. The vitality of all races flows from a single source which never runs dry. Avoid narrow-mindedness.

The starting point of this reading is narrow-mindedness. Often people, though committed to finding truth, are stuck at the level of cultural conditioning. But looking for wisdom on the surface of the Life Wheel is futile. It’s like“hunting for deer in a forest where none dwell.” What’s needed is to shift gears, broaden the paradigm and look deeper, approaching that single source which everyone everywhere shares in common.

* * *

Advice of the fifth line reads, “If you refuse to serve others, your gifts are wasted.” The situation is still one of narrow-minded selfishness. That approach leads to failure and must be released. When advice is heeded and one’s gifts are recognized as being integral to the welfare of the whole, the line changes to Promotion, which reads:

Promotion will come from steady, positive improvement over time. Rising to meet new challenges results in emotional maturity. Advancing on the job puts one in the position to serve those who are in need. Quiet, persistent self-discipline wins the confidence of others. Make the most of opportunities. Avoid hesitation.

Here self-discipline, emotional maturity and service enter the picture and are rewarded with recognition.

* * *

Building on the fifth line’s theme, advice of the top, sixth line reads, “Sharing your gifts will bring blessings and prosperity to many.” Here the benefits of promotion are multiplied to bless others as well as oneself. When the promise of the sixth line is fulfilled, it changes to Gentleness, which reads:

As the wind moves clouds, shapes mountains and stirs the trees, so GENTLENESS has a powerful influence. Quiet, steady gradual actions win respect and cooperation. Find out what concerns the people you work with and speak in those terms. In this way, you can reach their minds. Avoid noisy conflict.

Here, leadership evolves from one who is laughed at, then feared, then adored by the people to the deepest, broadest influence: broadcasting to every mind receptive at the quantum level.

* * *

The final, combined outcome of Origin is Fresh Start, which reads:

Even when it seems that all has been spoiled, it is possible to make a FRESH START. Be willing to face your faults. Find out how to correct them. The situation will gradually improve if you are sincere and work hard. Be sure you know what you want. Avoid delay.

Here, the noisy mind starts at the surface level of drama, conflict and scattered confusion. It takes determined effort to tame and discipline that mind. But if the intention to do so is sincere, clear and focused, gradually emerging from the swamp of chaotic emotions, hurtful relationships and destructive circumstances will most certainly follow.

Collected posts will be published as The Lessons of 2020: Using the Wisdom of CHANGE to Build a Better Future. Look for it on amazon in 2021.

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The Path of Love – 012721

Overriding Love of Life as well as the lesser loves of liberty, family and country are values shared in common across the board. They’re not exclusive to any time, place or people. While focus on lesser loves changes, fundamental Love of Life supports them all.

On January 28th of 2021 we have a full moon in Leo, seat of heart energy, sign of leadership, courage and creativity. It sets the tone for year. Astrologers agree that we’re being given the choice (and responsibility) to focus on the heart as we continue to swim through oceans of conflict creating profound changes on every level — personal, social and economic.

Today, I’m focusing on Pam Gregory’s powerful message. While the technical analysis is complicated, her conclusions are easy to understand. I can’t put them any better, so I’m offering the highlights here with all credit to her.

In sum, the influence of full moons affect us a few days prior and post. They serve to shine a light on what we haven’t known before, bringing emotions to a head, along with feelings of culmination or closure.

The broadest pattern continuing through 2024 is the deconstruction of old systems. There will “breakdowns in order to breakthrough” in government as well as the professions of law, healthcare and education.

In 2021, we can expect to experience layered realities with two broad choices (she calls them “trajectories” or “timelines”). In the lower octave, there will be chaos: drama, polarity and negativity, shocks, high speed twists and turns of events, including social unrest. In the higher octave, there’s an extraordinary opportunity to upgrade consciousness.

At the 3D level, it’s going to get very confusing. We will wonder, “What true? What’s not? What can we trust, what not?” For this reason, its more important than ever to cultivate mental clarity balanced by kindness. If you get a challenge, take a step back. Ask, “What would LOVE do?” Let that be your mantra. “What would LOVE do?”

My own conclusion is that nations across the board have become separated both from their own cultural roots and from a fundamental awareness of humanity’s common ORIGIN, where all meet at the center on the higher road, the path of unity which Pam recommends.

For today’s reading, I asked about the I Ching’s view on choosing the higher path, returning to the path of love. I also asked about the consequences of failing to choose this path. See the following post for the answer to that second question.

PERMANENCE is the original, dynamic answer to the question, “What is the consequence of choosing the higher path?” It reads:

Search for PERMANENCE in the timeless wisdom of all ages. Human events repeat themselves in well-ordered patterns over many generations. Although the actors change, the values they pass on through their examples endure. Nothing of permanent value is ever lost. Live worthy of your heritage. Avoid disrespect for traditions.

Love as a timeless value is the starting point of this dynamic reading. For example, Patrick Byrne senses and returns the enduring love of life which pervades the philosophy of the Tao and its underlying I Ching wisdom. It’s written (despite a relatively recent communist overlay) into the very DNA of China’s people. Despite a similar communist overlay, that same love, though with a shift of focus towards liberty, is inherent in America’s genes.

* * *

Alternating lines in the first, third and fifth places all change. Advice of the bottom, first line reads “Great works require long growing time. Patience is worth it.” I’m understanding that both China and the U.S. are works in progress. The jury isn’t out on the fate of either country. However bleak the immediate present, hope remains that love of life will prevail in the long run.

When the advice is heeded and patience preserved, it changes to Responsibility, which reads:

The RESPONSIBILITY which comes with holding a powerful position is an important test. You can use authority over others to benefit them or to feed selfish pride. In either case, you will experience the results of your actions later on. Exercise responsibility with thoughtful correctness and restraint. Avoid inconsiderate behavior.

Impending consequences of selfishly abusing political power are fearful to behold and close at hand, a lesson to future generations.

* * *

Advice of the third line reads “Indecision and lack of consistency will ruin whatever you attempt.” This is not a time for sitting on the fence. When this warning is heeded by cultivating decisiveness and consistency, it changes to Forgiveness, which reads:

Through FORGIVENESS, old debts are canceled and harmony is restored. Free yourself from outgrown habits. Don’t be afraid to let go of the past. Releasing tensions will produce health. Mental blocks will be resolved. New clarity of vision will lead to important decisions. Peace of mind will follow. Avoid anxiousness.

This is the potential reward of choosing to return to the path of love and unity.

* * *

Advice of the fifth line reads, “Choose methods by purpose. Visionary projects require creativity and courage.” Breakthroughs throughout the service professions call for a small army of innovators to come forward. When the advice is heeded it changes to Inner Strength, which reads:

When difficult situations come to a head, rely on INNER STRENGTH to endure. If it becomes necessary to retreat, do so with courage and self-confidence. Make sure your inner and outer resources are secure. If you must begin a new life, you will have to depend on them. Avoid helplessness.

Inner and outer resources include practical skills and life lessons learned as well as the wisdom traditions internalized through consistent practice.

* * *

When advice of the three changing lines is heeded, the combined final result is Inspiration, which reads:

When minds are moved by INSPIRATION, nothing is impossible. Misunderstandings can be cleared up, problems solved and hardships overcome. Inspired speakers can move others to acts of heroism by well-chosen words. Reminding people of their common goals and deepest desires gives them the courage to continue. Avoid unkindness.

In the immediate context, the courage and creativity of heart-centered love is the source of inspiration that will see us through immediate hardships. It has been said that “Love heals all.” We’ve also been taught that “With God, all things are possible.”

Collected posts will be published as The Lessons of 2020: Using the Wisdom of CHANGE to Build a Better Future. Look for it on amazon in 2021.

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Before sharing the story of Abelard, Heloise, and the Great Reconciliation, let me give you a definition. Though often used carelessly, in fact, Reconciliation is an extraordinarily powerful word. It appears throughout the Bible. It’s infused with quantum implications. The Greek root means CHANGE or EXCHANGE.

We are told, Reconciliation involves a change in the relationship between God and humanity or between humans. After a breakdown in relationship, there is now a change from a state of enmity and fragmentation to one of harmony and fellowship.

Another source says, Reconciliation is bringing again into unity, harmony, or agreement what has been alienated.

Going forward, the Quantum Paradigm which embodies Einstein’s intuited Unified Field Theory is the potential vehicle of the next Great Reconciliation.

In the annals of European history, Abelard and Heloise are remembered, like Romeo and Juliet, as star-crossed lovers.

Historians are well-familiar with the highlights of their story. Abelard, a man of the cloth, was Heloise’s tutor. They became lovers. She got pregnant; their affair was outed. Her uncle exacted poetic justice. Abelard was attacked in the dark of night and castrated. The lovers later exchanged letters, but were never reunited.

The low lights of their story are usually overlooked. In fact, Abelard married Heloise. But to protect his reputation as a cleric, kept it secret. He urged her to take monastic vows. She did so, but only under protest. She felt no calling and made it clear she thought having to live a cloistered life was most unfair.

Their sad history is relevant to the ongoing discussion about the Rules of the Knowledge Game because Abelard went on to distinguish himself as one of the participants in “the Great Debate of the Middle Ages.”

That Great Debate was presented with style and passion in a way that remains indelibly imprinted in my mind. During my Freshman year at Oberlin College, Professor Barry McGill — a tall, pencil thin, bespectacled professor of European History — made a lasting impression.He drilled us on the effect pendulum swings between extremes have had on history.

He emphasized dramatically that ideas have great power to alter the course of people’s lives. Philosophers have a profound effect on the forms governments take and how leaders treat their people.

Long before Hegel wrote about dialectics, which in turn influenced Marx, a triad of medieval scholars – St. Augustine, Abelard and St. Aquinas– completed the classic example of contrasting philosophies regarding what can be known, by whom, and how. (The fancy philosophical word is “epistemology.”)

The importance of this debate cannot be over-stated. When the variables of the formula get too far out of synch, dire historical consequences follow. See: History Repeats Itself – Renaissance or Another Dark Ages?

In the middle ages, St. Augustine sat on one extreme of the philosophical see-saw. Abelard sat at the other. The intellectual world was at odds until St. Aquinas came up with the balancing fulcrum. Professor McGill virtually beamed his approval of the solution to the either/or conflict between science and religion. Historians, he told us, called it The Great Reconciliation.

St. Augustine depended exclusively on his belief in God. In his worldview, knowledge is the result of divine grace. His credo: “I believe that I may know.” Faith in God is prior and necessary to human understanding.

In Life Wheel context, Augustine’s primary reality rested at the center of the Wheel and extended outwards from it to encompass the surface of the physical, manifested world.

Abelard took the opposite approach. Man, he held, depends on observable things and direct experience to acquire knowledge. This approach, taken to the extreme, results in the exclusively materialistic paradigm of research science.

Abelard, however, never denied the existence of God. He believed that experience of the world leads the thoughtful man to deduce the necessary existence of God. In Quantum Paradigm context, he started at the Wheel’s surface and pushed inwards to complete the circuit.

It took St. Aquinas to complete the loop. He concluded there is no significant conflict between the two approaches. Knowing is a two-way street. No matter where you start, each position leads to and completes the other. The center and surface are connected in an infinite loop.

Aquinas said, in essence, “It works both ways. Observing the world leads to faith. Faith leads to effective understanding of the world.”

Allow me to point out a relevant conclusion from the sad story of Abelard and Heloise. Today’s exclusively rational philosophers are as sterile as was he. And Heloise’s feminist counterparts, isolated and cloistered, are equally unfulfilled. Just as yin and yang yearn for unity and the fulfillment of creative balance, so also faith and reason depend upon one another for completion.

As Einstein put it, Science without religion is lame. Religion without science is blind.

At the 11th hour of human history, few people have time to learn much less apply the lessons of history. For the sake of simplicity and immediately useful implementation, the Great Debate’s outcome has been summed up in and illustrated in the form of the multi-dimensional Life Wheel.

Here’s why it is critically important to reconnect the surface with the center of the Life Wheel in an infinite two-way loop, joining the material surface with its innermost source:

The renaissance at the end of the middle ages, first in Italy and later in England represented by Elizabeth I’s Shakespeare, were times of paradigm shifts. The origin of universities took place during this time. The rules were in flux. It was fair game to access both sides of the coin. There was no perceived conflict between faith and reason. The result was a time of creative flowering in both the arts and sciences.

Human survival will depend on whether or not there’s a similar paradigm shift now . . . another reconciliation and reawakening to the full spectrum of human potentials, along with the flowering of creative problem-solving in the face of extraordinarily challenging times.

Collected posts will be published as The Lessons of 2020: Using the Wisdom of CHANGE to Build a Better Future. Look for it on amazon at the end of January, 2021.

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The Path to Reconciliation – 012021

During today’s quiet morning time, the idea for this post clicked into mind. It started with remembering Patrick Byrne’s vision of merging the values of East and West. It moved to looking forward, thinking about how to make it happen.

I revisited my recurring dream of organizing a School Without Walls. Basically, it would serve to link self-responsible students with a qualified mentor. Together, they would design a unique degree program around a personal goal. This would give the next generation what I found missing from my own education.

In You Are Already Enough, I described my personal solution:

As a young adult, my Life Wheel was centered around the goal of becoming a worthy musician. I organized every sector of my life around this single purpose.

Never once did I consider earning a living as a violin teacher. The ones I worked with were way too narrow. They knew about fingering the notes written on sheet music, but the heart and soul of sound wasn’t their department.

I had to design my own course of learning. I chose Oberlin College because it allowed me to balance a top-notch liberal arts program with a world-class music school. I studied violin privately as an “amateur” (a music lover), but majored in world literature and intellectual history.

I wanted to understand the ideas that drove great composers and their patrons. I had to delve into scriptures to feel the devotion that inspired Bach and Mozart.

I needed to know about the physics of sound vibration. I haunted the workshop of a local violin maker to watch how he built and maintained his instruments.

To me, the physical body was a resonant instrument. Tuning it was essential to my calling. Yogic breathing, exercise and personal self-maintenance were integral to my overall vision.

The musicians I performed with in ensembles and orchestras were my friends and family in spirit. We went to concerts together and socialized afterwards at local pubs.

On a related topic, I revisited my intended doctoral dissertation on the Origins and Future of the University. In the repeating cycles of history, I foresaw a looming choice ahead between either a renaissance or another dark ages. In my early morning state, I even dared hope to collaborate with Patrick, an acknowledged renaissance man, to tip the balance in favor of renaissance.

We’re not taught to look to the Book of Change for answers to our deepest questions. That’s why I’m bringing the book to you.

Today’s reading comes in two parts. First I asked, “What role does education have to play in the path of reconciliation?” PROMOTION was the unchanging answer. It reads:

Promotion will come from steady, positive improvement over time. Rising to meet new challenges results in emotional maturity. Advancing on the job puts one in the position to serve those who are in need. Quiet, persistent self-discipline wins the confidence of others. Make the most of opportunities. Avoid hesitation.

My first take was confusion. This didn’t answer my real question. Then I realized I’d asked it in a wrong way. I wasn’t looking for the end result, but rather the process through which the goal is achieved. I got a static answer because I asked a static question about education’s role.

Improvement, emotional maturity, and service all speak to outcomes, not the process. I needed to frame a better question asking for advice on how we get from here to there.

So I asked, “How could education evolve to serve the goal of reconciliation going forward?” This answer was dynamic (again reconfiguring dynamics familiar from 2020 readings). It started with STANDSTILL, which reads:

When opposing forces draw apart, activity comes to a STANDSTILL. Lack of understanding results in mistrust and refusal to cooperate. When weak leaders prevent necessary cooperation, it is best to withdraw from the situation and wait for the times to change. Direct your attention toward inward growth.

This original answer represents the immediate situation in need of remedy. Other names for this hexagram include Negative, Withdrawing, Stagnation or Separation.

* * *

Advice of the second line reads, “Don’t compromise your principles. Protect yourself calmly. Struggle won’t help.” Advice heeded, the line changes changes to Conflict, which further defines Standstill. It reads in part:

CONFLICT develops when one refuses to see the view-point of others. The way out is to be open to others and willing to meet them half-way. Pushing a disagreement to open conflict would result in separation.

* * *

Advice of the fifth line reads, “Paralysis is cured by joining elements meant to work together.” Paralysis – Standstill — is overcome by merging the best of apparently opposite energies. These include the values of social responsibility versus personal freedom; protective (classically male) versus nurturing (classical female) qualities, as well as an outgoing, practical/intellectual approach to life versus an inward/intuitive, contemplative approach to experience.

When advice is heeded, the line changes to Improvement, which reads:

IMPROVEMENT is now possible if you are willing to follow the example of worthy teachers. If you have absorbed negative suggestions in the past which prevent you from expressing your higher self freely, use this time to break away from bad habits. Seek the inspiration of positive influences.

* * *

When the entire process is honored, the combined final outcome is Finish, which reads:

When the FINISH is near, think about the future. Since nothing ends without a new beginning, prepare for what comes next. Order your life so that you are free to move on. Success in the next cycle will depend on the inner wealth you have stored. Avoid fear of change.

Right now, humanity is entering the beginning of a new series of cycles. The new year, 2021, begins a twenty-year astrological cycle of Jupiter/Saturn conjunctions in air rather than earth signs. It’s embedded within a 200 year cycle, within a 2,000 year cycle that roughly corresponds with the beginnings of the Christian era. (That’s just an interesting side note, FYI. This isn’t the time/place to elaborate, but you can take my word for it.)

Here, inner wealth includes the sum of life lessons learned, and/or wisdom traditions actualized/assimilated through practice.

And fear of change is primarily a function of programmed ignorance. Means for overcoming fear include not only native courage, but also faith and wisdom. To this end, mastering Natural Law encoded in the Book of Change is the beginning of white magic. Then, with I Ching insight, “everything serves to further.”

P.S. In the the Cycles of History, I mention The Great Reconciliation. Because that information was posted elsewhere, I’m now republishing it to this site. It’s especially relevant now and well-worth your thoughtful attention.

Collected posts will be published as The Lessons of 2020: Using the Wisdom of CHANGE to Build a Better Future. Look for it on amazon at the end of January, 2021.

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Choose LOVE – 011621

We have a shared vision, Patrick Byrne and I. Who is he? Why do I say this? What is the vision? And what does the Chinese Book of Change have to say to the world about this vision?

I’ll let Patrick, widely recognized as a modern day renaissance man, tell you in his own words. Here’s a quote from an interview with Dave Rubin:

I’m a great admirer of the Chinese. Yeah. I’ve loved China. I’m an old China hand. I grew up loving China. If I had a historical role in the world, it was going to be to somehow to build . . (here he made his point with a hand gesture):

I think the best thing that could happen for the world is some sort of merger of the U.S. and Chinese principles that actually could create healthy perpetual peace for the world. . . We have a lot to learn from the Chinese. They do some things very well.

What is merger Patrick has in mind?

Their family, their traditions, their focus on education and on building human capital. All kinds of things I saw in China and I thought, “Boy. This is what we need to see more of here.”

But what I love about our system is freedom. And there needs to be some sort of merger of those interests.

Perpetual peace? Though I personally can’t see that far and wide, it’s certainly a noble ideal. For starters, I’d be quite content if a merger served to support the goal of human survival, which Einstein warned us, can no longer be taken for granted.

What I have to contribute to Patrick’s version of the vision is the reality map of the Life Wheel, the embodiment of Einstein’s intuited Unified Field Theory. It serves as the foundation of genuine UNITY – not of just of the States of America, but humanity as a whole. It embodies the underlying wisdom of the timeless (not merely “ancient”) Book of Change. It supports, not as philosophic theory, but as scientific fact the quantum reality which en-compass humans everywhere throughout all time:

The archetypal Life Wheel is easily adapted to show freedom and individuality on the surface, compatible with enduring commitments to family and country at a deeper level, both sustained by fidelity to Conscience at the eternal, unchanging Center (alternatively called Source, Creator, God, or simply nothing at all).

I really wanted to know what the I Ching – China’s enduring heritage (though currently censored by the anti-life CCP) — has to say to the world about this shared vision. So that’s what I asked in the reading which follows.

We’re not taught to look to the Book of Change for answers to our deepest questions. That’s why I’m bringing the book to you.

DECLINE is the original but dynamic answer to the question, “What does the Book of Change want to tell the world about the vision of merging U.S. and Chinese values to create healthy, perpetual peace for the world?” It reads:

Economy of means is required by DECLINE. The cycle of time is entering a period of decreasing resources. Make necessary adjustments with patience and strength. Be ready to accept changes of lifestyle cheerfully. A return to simple living is for the best. Resistance would only make things worse. Avoid bitterness.

The initial reading describes our immediate starting point. Unavoidably, things are going to get even rougher before they get better. But just as there were opportunities hidden within 2020’s COVID crisis, the hidden blessing of 2021 may well be the (necessary) return to simplicity and grace (not coincidentally, the subject of Paul Selig’s next series.) To quote Patrick:

Really, the way to handle [pressures on large organizations] is just keep everything simple. Keep the Truth the Truth and keep the rules simple. Simple rules for a complex world.

* * *

Advice of the bottom line reads, “Be balanced in giving and receiving. Think through your priorities.”

Each culture has much to offer the other. Each fills in a blind spot in the other. These compliments have the potential to make both whole. A balanced, respectful exchange of values and ideas, neither side claiming superiority, would be immensely beneficial across the board. The priority? Human survival may well be at stake.

When the advice is heeded, it changes to Immaturity, which reads:

Problems experienced now may stem from IMMATURITY rather than from any basic fault. Decide what you need to learn and seek out unselfish people who can help you gain experience. If your mind is open, you will not be denied. If you are a teacher, look for sincerity. Avoid arrogance.

Immaturity here may be one of ignorance, best repaired by education. To quote Patrick, who was chosen by Milton Friedman as his successor:

Milton thought that the way you save the nation was with school choice. He used to say that our current government school system – our socialist school system — is gonna teach socialist values. A free market system would teach freedom. He saw that’s how we save the country in the long-term.

This is another, related vision Patrick and I share in common. I endured the painful process of earning a Ph.D. in Educational Administration for the sake of the credential required to build an alternative “School Without Walls.”

* * *

Advice of the second line reads, “Effective relationships depend on knowing how to time your actions.” When the advice is heeded, when we choose to grow up, outgrowing immature beliefs and ways, it changes to Growth, which reads:

People seek help according to what they need for their own growth. Unless hunger is fed with the right food, no amount of input will satisfy. To understand others, watch how they nourish themselves. Nature provides for all. Leaders promote those who have the ability to serve many. Avoid greed.

Above all, people everywhere crave love and acceptance within human family. In balance, they also hunger for truth, freedom, independence and self-respect. These values must be merged and harmonized. Making them an either/or choice is a death-trap.

* * *

Advice of the third line reads, “Single people attract companions while groups of three break down.” Being alone, as if the only star in the sky, is isolating and invites the complement which completes it. When the advice is heeded, it changes to Restraint which reads:

Exercise RESTRAINT in your actions. Seek the company of people who can advise on the best way to use your resources. The skills you have learned earlier can now be used to benefit others. Multiply the benefit of what has already been done by sharing results. Avoid careless waste.

Exactly. Seek out the company of advisors (including The Book of Change) to assist in this cultural cross-fertilization. Sharing the best of what each has to offer (and sometimes have forgotten) multiplies benefits across the board.

* * *

Advice of the fourth line reads, “Hold yourself to high standards, but be patient with others.” The thoughtful assimilation of and transition to the Quantum Paradigm will not occur over night. Patient forbearance is required. When the advice is heeded, it changes to Opposites which reads:

OPPOSITES attract. When they are skillfully balanced, they unite to form a heart with a common center. When they clash, the conflict is destructive. Blending opposites is not easy. Rely on the unity beneath all diversity to bridge the gap. The result will be a creative flowering. Avoid stubborn resistance.

In immediate context, the apparent opposites with the potential to either merge or fatally clash are the values of the U.S. versus those of China. Parse each book-worthy sentence as if gold. In combination, they offer the way out of current madness.

A famous quote from The Ballad of East and West, a 19th century poem by British author Rudard Kipling, keeps coming back into mind. It speaks to the historic clash but potential transcendence of paradigms, obsolete and future. The message holds true despite sexist assumptions, and even though East and West in this case are China and the U.S., not India and England. It starts:

It continues:

* * *

When the advice of each line is heeded, the combined, final outcome is Travel, which reads:

When you have outgrown a situation, it is time to TRAVEL on. Staying longer would prevent attainment of important goals. Commitments made now probably would not work out. In dealing with strangers exercise careful self-control. Talk little. Listen much. Learn from everyone who has information to share. Avoid dangerous exposure.

In the immediate circumstance, what has been outgrown is false paradigm of fracture, conflict, competition, and fear-driven dominance and control. While turning away from obsolete ways of governance in hopes of a better future, don’t, however, underestimate the vindictive backlash of old paradigm power-holders. They’re dangerously motivated by the fear of their impending extinction. Act accordingly.

In sum, as during the biblical times of Exodus, the Creator is giving humanity a choice with dire consequences. “Choose Life or choose death.” I know what mine is. I choose Love of Life. What is yours?

In conclusion, Dave Rubin commented, “I think you’re gonna help us navigate the freaking nasty, really rough waters we’re about to go through.” He asked Patrick, “Is there something we should be thinking about?”

His answer? The same one I’ve repeatedly offered in past posts. Keep the faith. I do not think we’re gonna lose this. I actually think that we’re gonna win. KEEP THE FAITH.

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Okay, then. That’s all for now. Talk with you again soon. Take care, all.