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CURRENTLY AVAILABLE:  Four books on change.

 The same subject, different approaches.

Something for everyone.

  • Choose:   The COMMON SENSE BOOK of CHANGE for the direct experience of the decision-making tool used by leaders for thousands of years. The Introduction includes clear, easy-to-read instructions. Suitable for everyone with basic English skills and an open heart. Use it first to increase self-understanding, then to create harmony between the inner world of self and outer world of others. Working with the interactive Book of Change is a powerful way to get in touch with the native common sense we’re all born with, but too often forget under the pressures of hectic daily life.

  • Choose:  TWO SIDES of a COIN: Lao Tze’s Common Sense Way of Change for a poetic, personal approach to the mysteries of change from the timeless, world-loved Tao Te Ching. The introduction establishes its foundations in the I Ching worldview , as well as its connection with yoga philosophy and applications to leadership, warfare and politics. From the Introduction: “The Tao Te Ching’s origins are enveloped in mystery. We know that it emerged in China over two thousand years ago during a period of prolonged civil wars, the same social conditions that produced another classic, Sun Tze’s The Art of War. . . Lao Tze [is] an epithet translated as “Old Man,” “the Ancient Child,” or “the Citizen of Everywhere.”
  •  Choose: CONSCIENCE: Your Ultimate Personal Survival Guide for an in-depth description of the how and why the I Ching works, including its little known correspondence with traditional medical traditions, calculus, and the DNA double helix. Common myths and misconceptions are dispelled in the Q & A section. Sixty-four Essays explore its applications to familiar concerns.                                                                                                                    From the Introduction: “What is the Positive Paradigm of Change?  In working with wisdom traditions, I’ve become certain that not only is each striving to express some aspect of a single, unnameable Truth. But further, each is a mosaic piece of a larger picture. When the pieces are put together, the sum is greater than its parts. The Positive Paradigm of Change is that larger picture. It draws from wisdom traditions, both East and West. It is consistent with biblical wisdom and the essence of I Ching philosophy. It is yoga-compatible. In addition, it’s equally compatible with modern science.”
  •  Choose: The POSITIVE PARADIGM HANDBOOK: Make Yourself Whole Using the Wheel of Change for the hands-on method of integrated self-analysis and decision-making. The keystone of the change series, this practical, bare bones user manual gives the basic axioms of the Positive Paradigm, complete with illustrations, instructions and forms to facilitate the process of change from the inside out. While true to the perennial Chinese Book of Change, the Handbook meets the needs of today’s leaders and decision-makers.   Apply the model on every scale of organization, starting with personal self-awareness, then family relationships and finally institutional governance. Consciously link the levels of thought, feeling and action with conscience. In this way, working with the Handbook instills Einstein’s new way of “thinking like a genius.” Complete and accurate, practical and hopeful, the Positive Paradigm of Change is the urgently needed antidote to dysfunctional paradigms now bringing the world to the brink of catastrophe.
  • Choose: RETHINKING SURVIVAL: Getting to the Positive Paradigm of Change for the overview on change from the inside out. Part One is autobiographical, entertaining and informative. It describes the evolution of the ideas. Part Two details the levels of the Positive Paradigm, linking it with yogic and I Ching origins. Part Three applies change to politics, pinpointing the origins and effects of atheism. Open letters to Hillary Clinton, Vladimir Putin, George Soros and Glenn Beck are immediately timely.

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RETHINKING SURVIVAL: Getting to the Positive Paradigm of Change

A five star Amazon review says: “A broad brush stroke type of book that touches and colors so many elements and areas of life. A great read and well worth the investment.”


A five star Goodreads review by Madalina Preda says: “The Positive Paradigm of Change  – A solution to the madness of our conflict-ridden world. We are at the crossroad of civilization and in her book – Rethinking Survival, Patricia West explains how we should tip the balance in favor of human survival. She expresses her ideas about music, yoga and comparative religions in a simple, clear and entertaining way.  Patricia West talks in her book about Common Sense, key concepts such as creativity and love, practical politics and democracy. In Rethinking survival the readers will find open letters to Vladimir Putin, George Soros, Hillary Clinton and Glenn Beck, which are an absolute must read. The Positive Paradigm of Change is obliging everyone on the planet to make critical choices, is tipping us to bring our contribution for a better world.

“‘We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if mankind is to survive.’ ~Albert Einstein”


This overview includes the autobiographical story behind the Positive Paradigm. Albert Einstein is its hero. Yoga is the complimentary discipline. The Chinese Book of Change and Lao Tze’s Tao Te Ching are the primary books that support the Positive Paradigm.

Illustrations include: The Pinnacle Paradox, Why Albert Missed it, Higher Love, Creativity, Magic, Common Sense, Universal Education and Christ Broadcasts from the Center.

(See the Rethinking Survival page for full description and back cover art.)

Web RS Front Cover



A great read!, March 23, 2014

D.R. Baker (Wisconsin, USA)

“If you desire more peace and harmony within as well as without, the I Ching, through the lens of Patricia West, is a must-read. She has managed to take something as esoteric as the I Ching and Einstein’s revelations and made them more applicable to the changes we see–and want to see–in our everyday lives. I highly recommend this book.”


CONSCIENCE: Your Ultimate Personal Survival Guide

Including 64 Essays on the Book of Change

See the UPSG Essays page for description and sample Essay. On Sunday of each week, another Essay will be posted. Check out the alphabetical list at the end of the page. If there’s one you’d like to see soon, use the CONTACT page to make your request. Requests will be honored on a first come, first served basis.


2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Catherine Hamrick

    I love this balance among the “four wisdoms.” It is a rich digging and well worth the time. This transcends the modern problem of too much “niche” thinking as opposed to considering a completeness of thought and habit of being. It’s easy for someone to blithely say, “You think too much.” It is far more rewarding to take a true mindwalk through all beauty left by humankind, not just western culture. I look forward to getting a book this week!

    1. Pat West Post author

      Catherine, your comments are welcome and most perceptive. It’s almost as if you took a quote directly from the forthcoming Handbook: “In a world seemingly intent on fracturing experience into smaller and smaller niches, the Positive Paradigm provides an urgently needed counter-balance, applying opposite and equal weight in a unifying direction.” All best to you!


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