Good Friday, 2020


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Anticipating the solemn mood of Good Friday, and as prelude to the Blessings in Disguise Easter video which follows, I’m offering this resonant reading from the Common Sense Book of Change.

The initial outcome, appropriately, begins with #50. SACRIFICE. This reading underscores and reinforces the spirit of sacrifices we’ve all been called to make in order to contain and eventually outlast the COVID-19 pandemic.

50 Sacrifice

In addition, however, three changing lines combine to result in a second outcome, #48. The progression starts with Line 4. “Use every opportunity to build solid foundations. Develop your skills.” Following this advice has the potential to result in #18. Fresh Start tells us:

Even when it seems that all has been spoiled, it is possible to make a FRESH START. Be willing to face your faults. Find out how to correct them.

The advice from Line 5 reads, “Ideas carry enormous influence. Prefer timeless wisdom to mere information.” Heeding the advice shifts to #44, which includes this comment:

If unethical people or ideas enter the situation, recognize the possible danger of giving in to TEMPTATION at once. Taking a disciplined stand against evil can prevent it from taking over.

The advice from the Top Line of SACRIFICE reads. “Great actions spring from inner harmony. Everything will go well.” It shifts to # 32, which includes this message:

Search for PERMANENCE in the timeless wisdom of all ages. Human events repeat themselves in well-ordered patterns over many generations. Although the actors change, the values they pass on through their examples endure. Nothing of permanent value is ever lost.

In combination, these changing lines give us this outcome:

48 Origin

May you all be well at this solemn time of year, in this solemn time in our history.

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