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Aliens Among Us 

This post serve as the first follow-up to The Grand Finale, where I described the massive shift in global self-identity to being introduced by a powerful triple conjunction. 

Please note: the aliens referred to here are not illegals at America’s southern borders. I’m referring to extraterrestrials from outer space.

What follows is a prescient section from the 2014 book, Rethinking Survival.  


In the 1980s, when the Affirmative Action legislation described in Part One was a subject of hot debate, one commentator made an astute observation. If foreign enemies had wanted to undermine the United States, they would have designed exactly this legislation. Valid goals — the window dressing – were buried in burdensome regulations and punitive economic sanctions. Rather than bringing people together, it was alienating, causing an opposite and equal backlash. 

Alien invaders infiltrating Planet Earth, weakening humans to eventually take over and enslave them, is a familiar theme in science fiction. For example, in his various incarnations, Doctor Who — television’s time traveler — continuously detects nefarious alien plots and rescues heedless humans from annihilation. 

Current events indicate there’s considerable truth cloaked in that science “fiction.” Starting with the premise that hidden alien enemies are covertly scheming to undermine humanity, ask, “How would they set about to destroy us?” Logically, they’d create chaos, setting everyone at each other’s throats. They’d trick humans into mutual self-destruction by stirring up dissension and fragmenting their governments. 

As discussed in Part Two, the Old Testament and yogic scriptures both maintain that we’re made in the image of God. Each individual mind is a complete miniature of the Universal Mind. When open, receptive, and aligned, everyone everywhere mirrors the wisdom and potential power of the Creator. 

Therefore, it’s an absolute priority for evil aliens to attack the mind. Their agents will do whatever it takes to pollute your mind. They confuse it with false paradigms. They clutter and distract it with the ongoing media circus. Every doubt planted in your mind, causing you to forget who you are, to disbelieve in your ultimate origins and creative potentials, is a victory for the dark side. 

To totally undermine humanity, atheism is a must. The unifying beliefs which hold families and nations together and fortify them in times of adversity must be destroyed at all costs. 

Again, how would this be accomplished? 

For one thing, language which makes communication and community-building possible would have to be polluted beyond repair. In Part Two, this ongoing process is described as the Tower of Babel factor. 

In the English language, for example, every value word has devolved to mean both one thing and its opposite. So people often talk at cross purposes, unaware that they’re missing each other coming and going.  I call it The Tower of Babel Factor.

Timothy Daugherty nails this tactic from the radical adversarial-political play book. They have nothing of substance to offer and unacceptably destructive intentions to hide. So the political left uses language “not to communicate ideas, but to create a kind of rhetorical fog that obscures real issues.” 

Alien agents are masters of double-speak, the child of deception and second-cousin of spin. A good example is given by Wayne Allyn Root, who writes about the lessons learned together with Obama at Columbia on “How to Destroy America from Within:” 

The plan taught us to hide your true intentions (in other words — lie, misrepresent, commit fraud) . . . A key component of the plan involved fooling the voters by calling yourself “moderate” and a “uniter,” even though you are a radical Marxist. We were taught to never admit what you really believe in. It involved demonizing your opponents, calling them “evil, greedy, extreme, radical, and terrorist.” Look in the mirror and call your opponents the very things you are. 

He continues: 

Why the lies? We were taught at Columbia that “It’s for the greater good” and “We know what’s best for those people” and “The ends justify the means.” 

Next, by every means available, alien agents would strive to pollute the idea pool. Make access to the law impossible and simple truth seem complicated. Because ideas have consequences, introduce false beliefs with predictably disastrous results. 

Then evil aliens would systematically destroy trust, the cement of human relationships, at every level of organization.  

How? Make deceit the political norm. Convince people that no one’s motives can be trusted. Demonstrate that no one’s words can be believed. Make it “common knowledge” that no one’s actions, however apparently innocent and well-intentioned, can be taken at face value. 

Diversions would be a must. Rile the public with non-issues to distract them from very real dangers. Using lame-stream media shills, manipulate the masses with the weapons of psychological warfare. Insult them with the lie that they’re not okay. Sell them on the belief that they’re helpless “victims” of oppressors who must depend on tough guys to rescue them (and pay the heavy price of obligation at the voting polls). 

Agents of invading aliens would rationalize their lies, sanitizing them as public relations and expedient strategy. It would seem that Edward Bernays, Woodrow Wilson’s advisor and model for Nazi propagandists — the so-called “father of spin” — was a foremost henchman of the invading aliens. If so, Saul Alinsky was their number one point man. The cockroach (opps, coach) of community organizers, most notably Obama, but Hillary Clinton too, was a self-proclaimed radical. 

In a twist of our poor abused language, Christ was rightly regarded as “radical” in his day. He would be today as well (in the original meaning) were he to walk among us now. Compatible with the Quantum Paradigm worldview, “radical” meant “going to the foundation or source of something; fundamental.” 

That’s a far cry from Alinsky’s extremist meaning of “radical.” He was intentionally the antithesis of Christ. In the front page of his book Rules for Radicals, Alinksy quotes patriot Thomas Paine (modestly) side- by-side with . . . himself. First, Paine: 

Let them call me a rebel and then welcome, I feel no concern from it; but I should suffer the misery of devils, were I to make a whore of my soul . . . 

Then Alinsky: 

Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgment to . . . the very first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom — Lucifer. 

Associating himself with Paine, the champion of common sense, was a misleading pose. By his own admission, Alinsky was not a patriot. He was in league with the dark side that masquerades as light. He didn’t just make a whore of his soul. He apparently sold it outright, not for a kingdom, but for paltry influence. 

It seems as if Alinsky’s particular Faustian pact involved not only selling his own soul, but also seducing gullible followers over to the dark side. It wasn’t enough for him to “suffer the misery of devils” alone. He was intent on bringing as many as possible down to join him in that suffering. 

The seductiveness of Alinsky’s virile double-speak is extraordinary. He was well aware of the risks involved in using emotionally charged language. He defined “power” in a chapter called “A Word about Words.” He denied abusing language. But his awareness of language issues didn’t stop him from doing it. 

His logic is so twisted that a critique would have to move line-by-line to unravel his spiderweb of tangled assumptions. The attempt would be like wading in quicksand. A Jesuit-trained logician would be hard-pressed to come out clean. Yet Rules for Radicals is sometimes made required reading for impressionable teenagers. 

In contrast to Alinsky’s take on power, here’s part of Essay 57 on Power from The Ultimate Personal Survival Guide

According to Taoist thinking, laws of nature explain why power over time reverts to the people. While drops of water are insignificant, they add up. The momentum driving a tidal wave is formidable. Divided by fear, ignorance, and narrow materialistic beliefs, individuals remain insignificant. But Leaders, whether a Stalin or a Mandela, ride the waves of time like energy surfers, directing their followers towards either slaughter or freedom. 

Great temporal power of itself implies no value. Its effect, whether positive or negative, depends on the context within which it’s used, either consciously or unconsciously, skillfully or incompetently, for good or evil. The results of a warrior’s prowess, military arsenal and self-control depend on how, when, where and why they’re applied. 

For example, in the last century Germany produced both a Hitler and an Einstein. Hitler was obsessed with the occult. He wanted to harness unseen forces to further his goal of world domination. Einstein, on the other hand, searched for the subtle laws of physics. He hoped to discover a Unified Theory which perfectly describes how the Universe works. Had he prevailed, he would have re-invented the I Ching.  

In contrast, Alinsky, with no logic or explanation whatsoever, dismissively rejects the idea of natural, organic evolution:  

The significant changes in history have been made by revolutions. There are people who say that it is not revolution, but evolution that brings about change – but evolution is simply the term used by nonparticipants to denote a particular sequence of revolutions as they are synthesized into a specific major social change. . .  

Here’s how Alinsky uses the “power” word:  

The Prince was written by Machiavelli for the Haves on how to hold power. Rules for Radicals is written for the Have-Nots on how to take it away. . . . In this book we are concerned with how to create mass organizations to seize power and give it to the people. . . We are talking about a mass power organization which will change the world . .[emphasis added.] 

Note the use of the “royal we.” This is a megalomaniac talking. He wants to change the entire world. His attitude is towards power holders is openly aggressive. He doesn’t just want to take what they hold. He wants to seize it.  

To violently “change the world” by means of a “mass power organization” makes no positive sense. Further, history tells us that repeatedly, when power is seized from one set of Haves, it merely passes to another set of worse ones. Never, ever has it been “given” to “the people.” 

The pretext of creating a mass power organization for the purpose of seizing power in order to give it to “the people” is highly suspect. Unholy radicals mobilize “the people” as pawns to their own ends, hypocritically masking self-serving motives with phony idealism.  

Has the current jet-setting, golf-playing community-organizer-in-chief, for example, empowered anyone other than himself and his cronies? People be wary! 

In the first chapter, Alinsky stated his exact purpose, namely to coach those who “want to change the world” from what it is “to what they believe it should be.” In I Ching context, this assumption-packed premise is an extraordinary feat of tragedy-fraught hubris. an comprehend what, in its entirety, the world — the elephant — really is?

What human could possibly be so foolish as to think she is qualified — on the basis of one puny view — to judge what it should be? Alinksy’s rules extended an invitation for blind mortals to jump in feet first where good angels know far better than to tread. 

Second, who really understands change? Many bandy the word about. But it’s a profound science of which few have in-depth knowledge. Confucius dedicated a lifetime to understanding the dynamics of Natural Law encoded in the perennial Book of Change. Never in his wildest nightmares could he have anticipated anyone daring to force the world to conform to personal preferences.  

As a small example, in Part One I described the disastrous consequences of attempting to manufacture change. In this case, a local CEO meddled with the internal dynamics of Ross Perot’s EDS Federal in Madison, triggering unpleasantly unforeseen results. 

So, for starters, the “belief” that anyone can change the world from what he ass-umes it is to what he ass-umes it should be is unspeakably misguided. Building on this false premise, Alinsky then fueled the undermining alien arsenal with a full battery of destructive tactics. In essence, political radicals should feel “free” to violate the ten commandments. The ends (getting what you want) justify any means. 

His version of social change is engineered by stirring up conflict. Use fabricated information to bear false witness against inconvenient neighbors. (Herman Cain’s character assassination is one of countless examples.) Alinsky advocates scapegoating, not unlike the dynamic which propelled Nazis to power. Create the illusion of an outside enemy as the way to unify your base. (How is that for the ultimate double-speak? Conflict is the opposite of unity.) 

Divide and conquer. Pit each group against the others. I can almost see alien puppeteers behind the scenes clapping their hands in glee over Alinsky’s contribution to escalating worldwide conflict. It matters not to them which side wins. Let Sharia law advocates, members of Putin’s Eurasian Union and American exceptionalists squander their precious resources duking it out. If they destroy each other and no one’s left, so much the better. 

What seems comical in the context of ant and elephant fables isn’t so funny when played out in human history. It’s bad enough when local gurus play God or men like Frank Lloyd Wright turn to lenient pagan gods. (See Part One.) It becomes horrific for humanity (members of every class alike) is when leaders like Mao, Lenin and Stalin slaughter untold numbers of civilians. They destroyed prevailing religions only to turn the State into a God. They ransacked houses of worship to fill their own coffers. 

Alien invaders delight in cheating. They stack the deck, gumming up the works with false information driven by dysfunctional paradigms. If you accept the game and its rules as alien agents define them and proceed to rebel against uncivil authorities, mindlessly hating and resisting, YOU LOSE. (Alien invaders win.) 

If you give all your attention to what other guys are doing wrong, playing the role of contrarian, YOU LOSE. (Alien invaders win.) 

If you quit on humanity and live only for yourself, leading a life of self-centered indulgence, YOU LOSE. (Alien invaders win.) 

If you persist in thinking narrowly in terms of political interests and institutions, not human survival, YOU LOSE. (Alien invaders win big time.) 

The only chance of winning — ultimately, surviving — is to demand a new, clean, unmarked deck, one with all the cards. In other words, make a fresh start based on an accurate, complete Quantum Paradigm. 

Patricia West is author of The Common Sense Book of Change and Two Sides of a Coin: Lao Tze’s Common Sense Way of Change. She’s currently working on The Phoenix Response: Dying To Be Reborn – in the Same Lifetime.