A recent round of comments opened up a Pandora’s box of messy issues. Since that site isn’t purposed to explore them, let’s do so here.

It started when, intending to give a site host a helpful heads up on the subject of timing, I commented:

FYI. From another point of view, the current astrological “weather report” shows all the outer planets in retrograde, auguring delays, setbacks and reversals. In rapid succession, they’ll all turn direct in the early weeks of October. That might be the best time to look for things to suddenly take off.

He responded simply:


Which in turn drew this reproach:

eastern philosophies must have a strong hold on you to believe in the astrological report. (That was me before I was saved…Thank you Jesus!✝) [she challenged the host]: What are your beliefs?

Excuse me? Let’s count a few of the false assumptions wrapped around this condescending attitude.

  • I’m far superior to you.
  • I’m saved; you aren’t.
  • Astrology is a philosophy, and an eastern one at that.
  • Astrology is a belief system [a religion] that’s antithetical to Christianity.
  • My understandings back then were the same as those you hold now.
  • Case closed.

In retrospect, I should have ignored it. But, mistakenly thinking the challenge was directed towards me, I owned my beliefs:

I am of the persuasion that Jeshua ha’Mashia came before and will endure long after puny planet earth. His essence pervades all peoples through all times, influencing all cultures east and west, without prejudice. No either/ors. Since his presence pervades the entire world, how could it be otherwise?

Also . . . there are many approaches to astrology. Some focus on lunar cycles, others on cycles of the sun. Chinese seers followed the stars. Literally astro-logy. Each view represents a fragmented piece of a larger mosaic puzzle. Christ encompasses and surpasses them all.

Also, and this is important, astrology pertains to the e=energy middle level of the Life Wheel. Technically, it is an energy science, not a philosophy defined as “love of wisdom.” It’s just another tool in the decision-maker’s toolbox. Its usefulness depends upon the wisdom and intent of the user.

To make the point, I included this image:

On a side note, another member commented:

I heard 9/6 was a positive day

To which I responded:

Yes. Traditionally, Labor Day is a day of rest, and [as was] pointed out, a time used by many to reconnect with loved ones. He advises using the time to rethink where we’re at and where we’re headed. That accords with the spirit of a New Moon, seen as a fresh start and a time to set positive intentions for the future.

This particular New Moon is in Virgo, sign of service and agricultural abundance. It’s well aspected to Uranus, said to be the visionary planet of innovation and change. So Yes. It’s a good day for reaffirming our positive True North intentions.

What I didn’t add, but will here, is beautifully expressed by Brian Colter. He titles his New Moon video “Batten Down the Hatches.” He compares this auspicious day to the calm before an onslaught of horrific storms. From now to the end of the year, each month is charted to become increasingly more chaotic. As the host also warned, NOW is the time to stock up the pantry and prepare for rough sailing ahead.

* * *

But here’s the kicker. Apparently before my responses were posted, the host took up the challenger’s glove and responded like this:I did not take saying “OK“ has [sic] committing me to any spiritual assertions. Someone was sharing her worldview, and I could not tell if she was really using astrology, or speaking metaphorically through astrological terms. So I noncommittally said, “OK“.

Hope that clears things up for you.

This noncommittal sidetrack probably appeased his critic. Though I appreciate the need to keep members calm, I felt a flash of pain. Self-doubt. “Why bother? Good Will misplaced.” I fired back:

Alas. Spirituality & astrology are, IMHO, non-sequitors.

Your ok was a dismissive “whatever” ? Thanks for clarifying.

* * *

Now none of this would be worth reporting if it were simply a matter of misunderstandings or hurt feelings. But important ideas with serious consequences are at stake.

On the macro scale, this conversation is proof of how desperately we need to shift to the quantum paradigm. Education must support conscious awareness of the full spectrum of human experience.

For example, earlier, the host of same site put out a post calling for members to comment on corruption in government:

“When once a republic is corrupted, there is no possibility of remedying any of the growing evils but by removing the corruption and restoring its lost principles; every other correction is either useless or a new evil.” — Thomas Jefferson

“Nope. Not taking that bait.” To successfully remove corruption, we would first have to pinpoint its driver. The cause of the corruption stems from educating generations of citizens into a fatally flawed (corrupted and corrupting) paradigm of empirical science which rules out both sub-rational and super-rational levels of experience. Garbage in. Garbage out.

To remedy political corruption, we must first prevent the mistakes which occur as a result of ruling out awareness of the inner levels the Life Wheel. Ignorance of their existence and operations put us at extreme disadvantage.

In particular, the e=energy level is where emotions reside. Intellectuals who operate exclusively from head, with closed heart and empty gut, are ineffectual in the world. The professors I worked with in University, for example, behaved like emotional four-year olds. “Emotional intelligence” wasn’t their speciality.

Second, sexual energy also resides in the inner e=energy level. When awareness of these energies is repressed and skillful harnessing of them is made taboo, they fester in the unconscious and manifest darkly. It’s no accident that behind the mask of celibacy, rape and pedophilia run rampant in monasteries, Catholic, Hindu and Buddhist alike.

Not to mention that foreign governments honey pot emotionally immature leaders in government and business to compromise them. Corruption in politics is often driven by fear of blackmail.

* * *

Now, as to astrology in particular. It’s also housed at the non-tangible but nevertheless very real e=energy level. Like any other science (defined as “with knowledge”), it has both uses and abuses. I’m reminded of being obliged to do a statistical study for my dissertation. The stats professor was amazed at the results I got. Most grad students got garbage. How did I explain 99% statistically significant findings?

“Easy,” I told him. I understood the limits of statistics and stayed within its parameters. I tracked demographics and behavior. I did NOT ask value questions.

It’s the same with astrology. Historically, shepherds in the fields and sailors on the high seas depended on their understandings of weather — the seasons, oceans and sky, for safety. Knowing and skillfully abiding by the laws of nature was a matter of survival. The operations of nature have no prejudice, no values. They simply are. Take it or leave it, the consequences are yours.

Although urban dwellers may be relatively disconnected from the elements of nature, the dynamics of human nature remain unchanged.

Now, a passionate, idealistic leader without the advantage of astrology is at serious disadvantage. Because, yes, “Timing is everything.” Promising followers that something will happen because you think it should, because you really really desperately want it to, because you know in your heart it is right, leads to mistakes. If the timing is off, there’s no way (no matter how “right”), you can deliver. So. Before making promises, check your astral watch. For best results, know what time it is and temper behavior accordingly.

As for abuses of astrology, while “good” guys sanctimoniously condemn and abstain, dark side folks take full advantage. For example, ups and downs of economic trends are easily calculated. Those well advised on financial matters can become fantastically rich, while others must depend on listening to gut and/or intuition for similar effect.

Also, astral charts for most public figures are easily obtained, even online. You can trust that leaders’ weaknesses are well known to dark side manipulators, who’ve chosen pawns accordingly and placed them in position in order to use them.

* * *

So. A few quick thoughts. Questions? Comments? You’re welcome to contact me at