Two Way Street

My first response to a video suggesting possible ways out of current madness was that it reminds me of an earlier post, The Highway to Heaven is a Two-Way Street.

I’ll first give you my response to the madness solution and afterwards, in case you’d like to take a look, supply a link to that post.

Premise: Today’s economic/political crisis is reaching critical mass. The war is being fought on several levels at once, not unlike the three-tiered chess game familiar to Kung Fu movie fans. Younger initiates defend the monastery gates, battling enemies in hand-to-hand mortal combat. Behind the scenes, senior monks seated in meditation, apparently immobile, direct subtle forces through mental intent. Higher still, passed-on elders oversee this war between good and evil, guiding the entire process.

Application: This video describes a way to reconcile polar world views. It’s described as a Hegelian synthesis of humanitarian versus totalitarian positions now necessary because an economic reset has become inevitable, triggering an egalitarian “Rawlsian moment.”

As an alternative to civil war followed by tyranny rising from the ashes of our republic, we can make a currency change, along with a transitional, dual currency regime. To prevent economic collapse and another great depression, it is proposed that the U.S. introduce a “newer, wiser taxation system”and social safety net in the context of that new currency.

A la Milton Friedman, we could introduce a flat tax counterbalanced by Universal Basic Income (UBI). This combo offers an olive branch to each political extreme, respecting the claims/priorities of each. The flat tax would satisfy fiscal conservatives. Touted as the greatest anti-poverty program you could hope to come up with, the Universal Basic Income satisfies “social justice” demands.

* * *

Next. Another synthesis with similar potential for reconciliation happens when you plug the antithetical visions described in Thomas Sowell’s A Conflict of Visions: Ideological Origins of Political Struggles into the Life Wheel.

Here’s a summary graph of opposing views.

The two apparently conflicting visions correlate with the in- and outward-moving energies which link the Life Wheel.

Outward-traveling yang energies extend from center to surface. Converting to its complimentary opposite, yang changes to yin, reversing polarity to return from surface to center. In this overview, the two are linked in an infinite loop. No conflict.

The apparent conflict between complimentary yin and yang energies resolves when plugged into this larger picture. Each has a place. The two sides are necessary and, in rhythmic fashion, in their pure form, are mutually reinforcing.

Only in the flat, false (linear) model of empirical science do they clash. All kinds of foolishness regarding authority, natural rights, and freedom follow from failing to work from a complete and accurate reality map.

Further, the war we’re in is not truly a clash of visions. Rather, it’s a clash of intentions. Some honor life and seek to fulfill it. Other want to destroy it.

In other words, what’s not okay is separating complimentary valences, setting them in conflict, creating the illusion that they’re an either/or choice. (Not to mention that those with evil intentions can coopt either “vision” and turn it to destructive ends.)

* * *

So, unfortunately, here’s where the reconciliation proposal, IMHO, breaks down.

Should we harmonize yin and yang, the outward energies of manifestation with the inward energies of aspiration? Yes. Always.

But that’s not the same thing as attempting to reconcile parties motivated by good intentions with those driven by evil forces. Impossible. They’re antithetical.

In How Bad People Become Leaders, I described the importance of acknowledging the existence of evil, and gave a picture to recognize its dynamics.

Basically, evil operates by fragmenting the three levels law: human, natural and divine. They operate out of synch and in conflict.

Evil is antithetical to the very life process, tearing the fundamental life pattern apart. So, NB: Good and evil cannot (!) be equated with yin and yang. Good is inclusive of the harmonious whole, both yin and yang, attainable by males and females of every race without limitation.

Those who love life, who seek truth and understanding and do their best to help others as they can, have more in common with each other than with evildoers within their own groups.

Here’s the picture of the evil:

Hitler is a familiar example of evil, meaning anti-life: intentionally shattering and fragmenting the creative pattern. In Quantum Paradigm context, the intentions and actions of any person (or group) that destroys its own and/or threatens to annihilate enemy groups, devoid of respect for the inherent sanctity of life, are defined as evil.

* * *

Finally, here is the promised link to the supportive post, The Highway to Heaven Is a Two-Way Street. Its reference to the hope of RENAISSANCE underscores the proposed reconciliation’s potential.

* * *

P.S. I regret the hasty, imperfect presentation of this piece. Given limiting circumstances, it is suggestive only. I publish it in hopes that it’s sufficient to prevent fatal flaws in the “reconciliation” approach from undermining a viable, urgently needed interim compromise.