Reconciliation Is an Inside Job

From my heart to yours.

This will be a mosaic of puzzle pieces. I’ll place them here, one at a time. Trust me, they will come together in the end.

* * *

For starters, the reconciliation which philosophers (wisdom lovers) seek isn’t to be found in duality, on the surface of the Life Wheel, where illusory options alternate without cease. I Ching sages put it this way: It is futile to hunt for deer in a forest where none dwell.

To the point, why call the pending econ shift a Rawlsian moment if the collapse and reset is not what Rawles foresaw or which social justice Marxists intend? Extending an olive branch as if to appease them couldn’t possibly prevent the destructive civil war upon which communists are hell-bent.

Calling a donkey’s tail a leg doesn’t make it one. (Remember?) Not only does applying incorrect labels to band-aid over differences fool no one. But current problems are way deeper than labels. Solutions are deeper still.

But not to worry. The reconciliation you sense and strive for IS to be found, IF you know where and HOW to look.

What’s coming doesn’t fit within the box of old thinking – Rawles, Buffet or Munger. Only thinking outside the box, expanding the parameters of reality correctly can encompass what may come.

The synthesis must be more organic, more metaphysical than 3-D, linear thinking allows. It’s outside the narrow, tidy either/or paradigm familiar to logic-choppers. Genuine synthesis isn’t possible within the limited confines of rational thinking. It requires a shift to a broader, more inclusive reality map. One inclusive of not only the rational but also the super- and sub-rational.

Genuine synthesis requires linking the levels of the quantum Life Wheel, placing opposites face-to-face and then transcending them. Unifying them into something new and qualitatively different.

* * *

Shifting gears, let me tell you about a round table discussion held by OA associates a few years back. About six months before his passing, he put out a question. What would each of us most like to have? Before he left, each of our wishes was granted.

One asked for money to repair the house and paint the inside walls. Another wanted a greenhouse for her garden. Yet another asked for a new truck and trailer.

What I asked for was the software of The Bible Code. Though we didn’t purchase the computer version, I was provided with what I really needed. I’d already been given it, though at the time didn’t recognize it as such.

In Kabbalah, the 72 Names of God are encoded in three consecutive verses of Exodus. During the years working the overnight shift at the Relay Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, in order to become familiar with the 72 Names, I retaught myself the basic Hebrew to work with this code.

It answered a long-standing question I’d had about the I Ching. The 72 Names filled in a gap left empty by the Laws of Nature codified in the 64 hexagrams of the Book of Change. Where the I Ching speaks to the fluctuations of energy that influence the material world, the 72 Names speaks to a higher dimension, one of values.

The I Ching is value-free, focusing primarily on the middle, e=energy level of the Life Wheel associated with Natural Law. In contrast, the 72 Names relates primarily to the deeper, c=light level associated with Divine Law.

For example, the I Ching speaks of Gain versus Decline, Promotion versus Adversity, etc. In contrast, the 72 Names speaks to the inner experience of Compassion, Gratitude, Humility, and Angelic Influence.

This isn’t the place to get more technical. And there are overlaps. But, in essence, these approaches to reality address qualitatively different facets of experience.

After my request, what I came across, “coincidentally,” was a whole new side of the 72 Names. The Relay Center work set the foundation that prepared me to now add on new levels of understanding. Each of the 72 Names is associated with specific archangels and angels, as well as their manifestations.

In retrospect, I was being prepared to survive after OA’s passing. Just as I was encompassed by his auric field and protections during his lifetime, I was being made aware that I was and would in the future continue to be supported and sustained not only by him but also the host of angels he referred to as his “drinking buddies.”

* * *

I mention this angelic support as introduction to a relevant experience with a recently purchased, extraordinarily powerful deck of Archangel Metatron messages. I know there are uses and abuses to working with such information sources. The same goes for working with the I Ching, or, for that matter, with various translations (sometimes printed in China) of the Bible. For the sake of this discussion, please give me the benefit of the doubt and stay with me.

I work with this particular deck as a way to make the unconscious conscious, to trigger inner knowing and expand awareness. When I’m really stuck and need help, I call on angelic input for answers. I find this spread particularly compatible. It uses the Star of David, placing messages at each of the six points and then a 7th in the center. It looks like this:

The top point is read as the overall message. The bottom, 6th point is read as action advice. The 2nd and 4th points are lower and higher octaves of overt experience. Their complimentary points in the 3rd and 5th positions correlate with unconscious/subliminal experience and blocks/obstacles. The seventh message is read as the sum effect of the six outer points as they combine to influence the center.

What’s fascinating to me and important here is that the healing effect of working with combined messages requires that what’s hidden must be brought forward and brought into balance with the overt experience in order for resolution and reconciliation to occur. What’s in darkness must be brought into the light, lest it undermine and undo conscious intention.

It’s relevant to the dynamic of Greek tragedy, where the hero’s strength, unbalanced and in extreme, becomes the source of his undoing. Just as Carl Jung regarded the I Ching as a tool for making the unconscious conscious, similarly, to prevent tragedy we must balance and harmonize extremes. This isn’t a Hegelian synthesis so much as Unifying the quantum field, resulting in transformation and transcendence. Shifting to a higher octave, if you will.

That’s where the flat, linear empirical science paradigm which rules out the inner levels of the Life Wheel, allowing only what can be rationally measured and quantified into awareness, betrays us. It prevents the dynamics by which the influences of Natural and Divine Law color and direct decisions affecting the outer material plane of physical existence.

Einstein, the physicist, called this culturally imposed blind spot “the fateful fear of metaphysics.” I’ve called it the fateful fear of self-awareness. This is the rock and hard place between which civilization is stuck right now. And Steering planet humanity safely past the twin dangers of tyranny and anarchy requires full-spectrum, quantum awareness.

* * *

Now, I’ve also been following the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza for quite awhile. He says much the same things, but in rational, science-based language which healthcare professionals and spiritual seekers alike can relate to.

By profession he started as a chiropractor and martial arts/yoga/meditation instructor. This background prepared him perfectly to survive an accident that shattered his spine. Four experts agreed that what remained of his spine had to be surgically altered and fused with metal rods, with the prognosis that he might never walk again.

As a leap of faith, he said NO.

Using powerful mind-intent combined with an exact knowledge of how the spine works, he visualized and – within a relatively short time — repaired himself completely from the inside out. Paying this blessing forward, fulfilling a promise to help heal others as he’d been healed, he’s made it his lifework to teach others what’s possible with the right quantum reality map along with practical information on how to use it.

P.S. Dr. Joe admits that angelic beings show keen interest in his healing workshops. He and other participants repeatedly report their presence, observing and overseeing this work.

For lack of time, I am simply quoting relevant sections transcribed from A MIRACLE Could Happen To YOU! — How Your THOUGHTS Create Your Reality. Applications to the current deconstruction and reconstruction of world governments, economies, etc. abound. Here goes:

. . . the more you understand WHAT you’re doing and WHY you’re doing it, the HOW gets easier.

. . . If you give them the proper instruction and you set up the conditions in the environment where they feel safe enough to create, a certain number of people will get their behaviors to match their intentions and their actions equal to their thoughts. When they do, there’s going to be some type of transformation. All you have to do is understand the formula.

The miraculous of biblical proportions is beginning to happen. This is a time in history when it’s not enough to know. It’s a time to know HOW.

. . .We’re reaching a point of critical mass. We’re living in a time of extreme polarities. Things have to be pulled apart. Polarity . . . if you look at studies in chaos theory . . . there always have to be extreme polarities before there’s a reorganization. And everything that is not consistent with a new level of energy or a new level of consciousness is going to spiral apart.

. . . That greater level of energy and consciousness is causing old systems and old paradigms to begin to spiral out. Whether you’re looking at the environment, politics, economics, religion, education, journalism, medicine . . . all of those paradigms are beginning to unravel because they’re no longer consistent with a greater level of energy.

. . . So, now then, the next question is, how do you change the world? Because if you’re seeing those non-local changes, then those people who are feeling heart coherence . . . every person they’re in a relationship with, that they are networked with, to some measure or degree will have an affect on their autonomic nervous system. They’ll feel more coherent, more loving in that moment. . . . Heartmath Institute has done research in Project Coherence on the effect which can happen on opposite sides of the world.

. . . So the question becomes, How do you become supernatural? Well, you have to first start doing what feels unnatural. When everybody else is in fear, that’s when you show courage. When everybody else is hostile and angry, that’s the time to show love and compassion. When everyone else is in lack and poverty, that’s the time to be generous . . . to give. That gives other people permission to do the same. . .

. . . So when a person is able to sustain or maintain that modified state of mind and being, then the fun starts to happen. Because you start seeing those synchronicities, coincidences, opportunities, unknowns. Things start falling out of nowhere because you are connected to that field of information. Not only are you connected to it but also you’re beginning to influence it.

. . . The Unified Field governs the laws of nature that brings everything into order. As you connect it to more and more, then you experience more wholeness and more oneness, less separation. If you experience less separation, there’s less separation between you and your dreams as well. As you progress deeper into that field you can produce greater effects on the nature of reality because you’re moving closer to its origin.

We experience separation when we feel fear. We experience separation when we feel anger and aggression, pain and suffering. The very chemicals cause us to perceive reality with our senses. But as we get closer and closer to it and experience more of it, then we produce greater effect on the nature of reality because we’re more and more connected to the very field of information that organizes matter into form. We’re climbing upstream to be able to produce an effect downstream.

. . . Only when you are pure consciousness can you begin to change your body. Only when you’re beyond your body can you heal your body. The body can’t heal the body. You have to get beyond your body to heal your body. In order to to create a new experience, you have to get beyond the problems in your life. In order to create a future event in some future time, you’ve got to get beyond predictable linear time.

If you’re going to heal your body by thought alone, create a new experience or event in your life by thought alone, then you have to become thought alone. When you become pure consciousness, that is the moment you are nobody, no one, no thing, nowhere in no time – that is the moment when you are no longer constrained by those [natural] laws.

That is the moment your consciousness, free will, subjective human consciousness merges with the quantum field, the objective universal consciousness. When they come together and you come back to awareness, you take a piece of it with you and you become more like it:

  • You become stronger willed. It is a powerful will.
  • You become more mindful. It is an infinite mind.
  • You more consciousness, more loving, a lover of life.
  • You become more giving. It’s the giver of life.
  • Its nature becomes your nature.

So teaching people how to do that is the art. There are ways to help people get there faster.