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Rethinking Elephants

I’m partial to elephants.

It started with Dr. Seuss. Remember Horton Hatches the Egg?

Here’s the repetitive line I identified with, the one that stayed with me:

There are many kinds of elephants, don’t you know. There are loyal elephants, like Horton, who commit to major challenges and follow through, proving themselves faithful no matter what. (A handful of patriots come to mind. I’m sure you know who I mean.)

There are boundary-spanner elephants who link the levels of experience, horizontally and vertically.

Republicans represent themselves as elephants. Few, however, act faithful to our Constitution — with notable exceptions, of course, including our rightful President.

Lastly there are dark elephants, the ones that hide in plain sight . . . the existence of which mainstream operatives desperately deny. Election fraud, for example, comes to mind, along with deep state, media, and big tech collusion.

At today’s crossroads, the extent to which we succeed in exposing these guys for what they are will determine what future direction our nation takes.

* * *

This post started as my response to an email from Patrick Byrne’s web community. I had to unsubscribe. (My credit card is maxed). But someone of good will reached out.

Hey there @PatWest, Looks like you are packing up to leave Patrick Byrne on Locals and I hate to see you go. Here’s a promo code for you to stick around a bit longer. Please come back and take part in the community by writing a post or comment.

So, per invite, the Horton in me decided to hatch a post. Since the level of ideas is where I am able to contribute, this is my thanks for reaching out.

* * *

Among elephant jokes, this is my favorite riddle:

Q: How does an elephant play bridge?

A: By placing two feet on one side of the river, and two feet on the other.

In Rethinking Survival, I addressed the important function of boundary spanners.

Much can be said about the consequences of failing to honor the boundary-spanner function. Systems tend to filter out the elephants who actively qualify themselves to span both sides of the river, the better to create the harmony and balance of equitable solutions.

Where’s the method in this madness? Who stands to benefit? Who stands to lose?

* * *

Then there’s the famous elephant parable. It’s described in “Atheism Answered,” a chapter out of Rethinking Survival.

The Ant and the Elephant

An ancient parable from India captures the dilemma of human inadequacy in the search for Truth. Blind men were introduced to a gigantic elephant. After coming in touch with a single part, each reported his experience.

The one who embraced a leg said elephants are round and rough, like the trunk of a tree. The next, who felt a tusk, said elephants are hard and sharp, like a sword. The one who felt an ear described elephants as thin, flat and flexible. The last, who grabbed hold of the tail, was certain elephants are like ropes, perhaps even whips.

These next riddles capture the irony of human gropings.

Q: What’s the height of ambition?

A: An ant climbing up an elephant’s leg with sex on its mind.

Q: What’s the height of fulfillment?

A: The ant climbing down the elephant’s leg with a smile on its face.

Just so, like blind beggars, we fumble to understand universal Truth. We’re like ants who aspire beyond our limits, sometimes fortunate enough to enjoy a taste of satisfaction.

In Quantum Paradigm context, arguments between religionists and atheists are noisy and futile. Atheists who deny the existence of God might as well argue that atoms have no nucleus, or that the solar system has no sun. It’s like ants presuming to deny the existence of elephants.

Their arguments have no affect whatsoever on the eternal Center which was, IS, and always will be.

Have authority-cloaked religionists, for thousands of years, abused the name of God to excuse abuse of power, claiming divine rights for human rulers — be it European kings, Chinese emperors, Russian tzars, Arabian caliphs . . . whomever? Certainly.

Have their enemies repeatedly wrested temporal power away from its holders, only to abuse it in even worse ways themselves? Definitely.

Have humans suffered unspeakable cruelties and injustices at the hands of fellow humans from time immemorial? Sadly so. Continuous upheavals on the material surface of the Life Wheel are part of life on planet Earth.

But the existence of the unchanging silent Center continues into infinity, regardless of what’s happening on the surface. Whether you assign a particular name or honor it with awe in simple silence, it remains the same.

If you’re totally disillusioned by bad luck or by the particular version of religion enforced by your elders, your quarrel is with the ways of the world and its human institutions. Your misfortunes don’t reflect on the Creator’s existence. That’s a different subject.

God the Creator continues to broadcast from the Eternal Center. Whether you listen remains your choice, the exercise of God-given Free Will.

* * *

Here’s a fun visual version of the Quantum Overview:

* * *

This was a roundabout way to arrive at my two basic points. The first is to repeat my concern that restoring free/fair/transparent elections is necessary, but not sufficient. More fundamentally, we have to identify/correct the fracture in the way we’ve been taught to think. It’s responsible for the atheistic/Marxist mess into which the world’s “well-educated” ruling class has devolved. We have to expose and eliminate that dangerous dark elephant from the room.

Unless/until a positive paradigm shift restores awareness/experience of quantum wholeness to every facet of experience, blind men’s fractured versions of reality will continue to generate toxic results.

Second, I wholeheartedly commend Lt. General Michael Flynn’s quantum overview. He calls for awareness that today’s world is engaged in outright warfare operating on four distinct levels: physical, emotional, mental, and – all encompassing – spiritual. Wheels within Wheels.

On 12-12-20, he told a crowd gathered in Washington D.C.:

We will win the spiritual battle for the heart and soul of the nation. We are in a crucible moment. The Truth will prevail. We fight with faith and courage. We will knock down the Jericho walls of the deep state with light and truth. Truth will always triumph over lies.

Today, the world dearly needs an army of loyal, boundary-spanner leaders within every field of endeavor, operating from this quantum overview, restoring common sense, harmony and balance to our lives.

Let’s rock!

The Pinnacle of Peace – IC – 122820

In the wake of Christmas 2020, approaching a New Year, with civil war brewing in the midst of an unprecedented constitutional crisis, I listened for a second time to the second part of Jan Jekielek’s Epoch Times interview with Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn. It’s called Will the American Republic Survive?

I urge you to listen to and carefully ponder General Flynn’s comments on the future of this country. He’s a truly honorable man of wisdom, uncommon good sense, and integrity. Here’s a direct quote, transcribed from the beginning:

What we have to understand in this country is, that this country is an experiment. Empires come and go. Nation-states fail. Are we still growing as the beacon of hope for the rest of the world? I still believe that in my heart.

But I know that there is a dimension of our experiment that is sort of in our face right now. . . We the people — the American public — have to decide what is it that they want. Because we will not last forever.

General Flynn elaborated on the degeneration of the three branches of government that each treated him with “brutal” injustice. Here, I couldn’t resist typing in a comment:

Keep perspective, Gen. Flynn. Remember the work of Kuhn on Paradigm Shifts. The dying order sees you [along with our President] — the voices of the future — as an existential threat to their survival. Temporary “power holders” with vested interest in the past historically resist change with all their might. The extent of their brutality towards you is exactly in proportion to the greatness of your light shining to expose their darkness.

Now, why is it called a paradigm shift? Technically it’s not a shift to something new. Actually, it’s a return to the perennial philosophy which wisdom traditions East and West share in common.

The honorable General is in synch with that wisdom. As he says, having read enough history, he recognizes that there are repeating cycles of history. He also recognizes the existence of levels of law and the importance of their being in alignment. The shift he represents is a return from out-of-alignment, secular fragmentation back to one of Unity. It looks like this:

General Flynn also speaks of the danger to the Republic when “so-called leaders” act as if they were above human law. He anticipates a higher accounting for those who aren’t held accountable in human law courts. Lawless officials, driven by ambition and selfish self-interests rather than being motivated by service, act as if the pinnacle of achievement were a matter of ephemeral control and dominance on the surface of the Life Wheel.

Here’s a picture worth of a book of words to show you what I mean:

For lack of space, I offer you a few bullet points. Each qualifies General Flynn’s observations:

  • Asked what might steer us in the direction of preserving the Republic, he emphasizes the importance of upgrading education, especially in civics and history. I would add, of paradigms. I would also restore the pristine definition of education, which means to lead from darkness to light.
  • Across the centuries, limited leaders repeatedly fall into the same mistake: a false paradigm which assumes that the pinnacle of power resides in a human hierarchy with a few leaders at the top, the majority beneath them at the bottom base. To correct this mistake, we need a complete and accurate paradigm, common to all, not reserved exclusively to hermits living in monastaries, caves or mountain tops.
  • The General speaks of the Bible as being foundational to the Constitution and written into America’s very DNA. I would add that 8,000 plus years of I Ching wisdom is written into the DNA of China’s culture. Just as some would rip ancestral wisdom out of America’s DNA, some have sought to rip the wisdom out of China’s DNA. It needs similar restoration. Were each culture to restore its own traditions and honor the underlying, universal truth shared in common, everyone worldwide would benefit.
  • General Flynn says All this town [DC] has done is get us and keep us in wars. He asks, What’s the aberration. Is peace the aberration or is war the aberration? In response, here are two suggestive paragraphs from Rethinking Peace:

In I Ching context, peace is an inward state of calm that manifests as outward poise. External conditions will always be in flux. Therefore, looking for peace in the world is an exercise in futility. Internal states, however, are subject to self-governance. . . .

The sage takes responsibility for attaining inner peace. Inner quiet begets the attitude of confidence, which in turn generates acts of compassion, courage and generosity. World organizations which would impose military peace upon warring nations comprised of individuals each at war internally have no hope of success.

Respecting the constitutional crisis at hand, I defer to The Laws of Change published by Jack Balkin, a Yale professor of constitutional law. Striking relevance to immediate concerns will be self-evident.

BREAKTHROUGH is the initial answer to the question, “What should we be aware of today at the current stage of the ongoing constitutional crisis?”

Balkin calls the hexagram Biting Through. Keywords he lists include: Reform, Acting decisively, Administering punishments, and Doing justice. He comments:

The obstruction represents an obstruction to harmony or unity, and a corresponding need for justice or reform. Faced with obstruction, we must proceed with energy and clarity to remedy the problem immediately.

He continues:

This is not a time to be meek and pliant. Attack the problem with energy and determination. If you do not act quickly and decisively, the problems will not go away, and it may only become worse. Nevertheless, this does not mean that you should be reckless. Prompt and efficient action is necessary, but your action should be based on clear thinking rather than emotion. And it should be the result of careful planning rather than blind instinct. The best approach now is one that is firm but reasonable, fair but resolute.

* * *

After evolving through permutations of the third and fourth lines, the final outcome is SHADOW. Balkin calls this hexagram Darkening of the Light. Key words include Eclipse, Brilliance injured, Censorship, Keeping a low profile, and Hiding your feelings. He comments:

Here an inferior person is in control. An upright minister must keep in the background and hide his brilliance during a time of darkness and adversity.

He continues:

Hostile circumstances require you to accept the situation outwardly for the time being. But you must never surrender. Hold fast to your enduring values and to your ultimate goals. Remember who you are and what you stand for. . .

When the sun descends below the horizon, is does not disappear forever. It merely goes into hiding for a time. Anyone who thinks that the sun will never rise again has lost touch with reality. The same is true in your situation. Things will eventually improve.

Deceptive, censoring, complicit corporate media giants notwithstanding, it’s not over.