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Rethinking Elephants

I’m partial to elephants.

It started with Dr. Seuss. Remember Horton Hatches the Egg?

Here’s the repetitive line I identified with, the one that stayed with me:

There are many kinds of elephants, don’t you know. There are loyal elephants, like Horton, who commit to major challenges and follow through, proving themselves faithful no matter what. (A handful of patriots come to mind. I’m sure you know who I mean.)

There are boundary-spanner elephants who link the levels of experience, horizontally and vertically.

Republicans represent themselves as elephants. Few, however, act faithful to our Constitution — with notable exceptions, of course, including our rightful President.

Lastly there are dark elephants, the ones that hide in plain sight . . . the existence of which mainstream operatives desperately deny. Election fraud, for example, comes to mind, along with deep state, media, and big tech collusion.

At today’s crossroads, the extent to which we succeed in exposing these guys for what they are will determine what future direction our nation takes.

* * *

This post started as my response to an email from Patrick Byrne’s web community. I had to unsubscribe. (My credit card is maxed). But someone of good will reached out.

Hey there @PatWest, Looks like you are packing up to leave Patrick Byrne on Locals and I hate to see you go. Here’s a promo code for you to stick around a bit longer. Please come back and take part in the community by writing a post or comment.

So, per invite, the Horton in me decided to hatch a post. Since the level of ideas is where I am able to contribute, this is my thanks for reaching out.

* * *

Among elephant jokes, this is my favorite riddle:

Q: How does an elephant play bridge?

A: By placing two feet on one side of the river, and two feet on the other.

In Rethinking Survival, I addressed the important function of boundary spanners.

Much can be said about the consequences of failing to honor the boundary-spanner function. Systems tend to filter out the elephants who actively qualify themselves to span both sides of the river, the better to create the harmony and balance of equitable solutions.

Where’s the method in this madness? Who stands to benefit? Who stands to lose?

* * *

Then there’s the famous elephant parable. It’s described in “Atheism Answered,” a chapter out of Rethinking Survival.

The Ant and the Elephant

An ancient parable from India captures the dilemma of human inadequacy in the search for Truth. Blind men were introduced to a gigantic elephant. After coming in touch with a single part, each reported his experience.

The one who embraced a leg said elephants are round and rough, like the trunk of a tree. The next, who felt a tusk, said elephants are hard and sharp, like a sword. The one who felt an ear described elephants as thin, flat and flexible. The last, who grabbed hold of the tail, was certain elephants are like ropes, perhaps even whips.

These next riddles capture the irony of human gropings.

Q: What’s the height of ambition?

A: An ant climbing up an elephant’s leg with sex on its mind.

Q: What’s the height of fulfillment?

A: The ant climbing down the elephant’s leg with a smile on its face.

Just so, like blind beggars, we fumble to understand universal Truth. We’re like ants who aspire beyond our limits, sometimes fortunate enough to enjoy a taste of satisfaction.

In Quantum Paradigm context, arguments between religionists and atheists are noisy and futile. Atheists who deny the existence of God might as well argue that atoms have no nucleus, or that the solar system has no sun. It’s like ants presuming to deny the existence of elephants.

Their arguments have no affect whatsoever on the eternal Center which was, IS, and always will be.

Have authority-cloaked religionists, for thousands of years, abused the name of God to excuse abuse of power, claiming divine rights for human rulers — be it European kings, Chinese emperors, Russian tzars, Arabian caliphs . . . whomever? Certainly.

Have their enemies repeatedly wrested temporal power away from its holders, only to abuse it in even worse ways themselves? Definitely.

Have humans suffered unspeakable cruelties and injustices at the hands of fellow humans from time immemorial? Sadly so. Continuous upheavals on the material surface of the Life Wheel are part of life on planet Earth.

But the existence of the unchanging silent Center continues into infinity, regardless of what’s happening on the surface. Whether you assign a particular name or honor it with awe in simple silence, it remains the same.

If you’re totally disillusioned by bad luck or by the particular version of religion enforced by your elders, your quarrel is with the ways of the world and its human institutions. Your misfortunes don’t reflect on the Creator’s existence. That’s a different subject.

God the Creator continues to broadcast from the Eternal Center. Whether you listen remains your choice, the exercise of God-given Free Will.

* * *

Here’s a fun visual version of the Quantum Overview:

* * *

This was a roundabout way to arrive at my two basic points. The first is to repeat my concern that restoring free/fair/transparent elections is necessary, but not sufficient. More fundamentally, we have to identify/correct the fracture in the way we’ve been taught to think. It’s responsible for the atheistic/Marxist mess into which the world’s “well-educated” ruling class has devolved. We have to expose and eliminate that dangerous dark elephant from the room.

Unless/until a positive paradigm shift restores awareness/experience of quantum wholeness to every facet of experience, blind men’s fractured versions of reality will continue to generate toxic results.

Second, I wholeheartedly commend Lt. General Michael Flynn’s quantum overview. He calls for awareness that today’s world is engaged in outright warfare operating on four distinct levels: physical, emotional, mental, and – all encompassing – spiritual. Wheels within Wheels.

On 12-12-20, he told a crowd gathered in Washington D.C.:

We will win the spiritual battle for the heart and soul of the nation. We are in a crucible moment. The Truth will prevail. We fight with faith and courage. We will knock down the Jericho walls of the deep state with light and truth. Truth will always triumph over lies.

Today, the world dearly needs an army of loyal, boundary-spanner leaders within every field of endeavor, operating from this quantum overview, restoring common sense, harmony and balance to our lives.

Let’s rock!

Stay Alert To Cosmic Patterns

Ripples in Time

Be here and now.” This is the yogi’s mantra.

Be still and know I Am God.” This is the Bible’s instruction.

In the Secret Universal Mind Meditation, Kelley Howell intones, “I am one with God. I am one with God’s plan.”

What do seers attuned to the Universal Mind tell us about that plan for the future?

Dr. Joe Dispenza and Gregg Braden describe this as a time of extremes. Dr. Joe understands that there’s some chaos coming. Gregg goes further. He says, not only do world teachings concur in predicting an end to the world as we know it. But further, the world leaders he speaks with consistently express surprise at how quickly this change is coming upon us.

The spiritual brothers agree that cultivating inner wholeness and resilience is the best possible way to prepare for future challenges.

Both are intentionally building an international community of like-minded souls, people committed to overcoming their personal pasts and the “old” paradigm of separation and competition. In so doing, one person at a time, their students are beginning to manifest at home and at work the “new” paradigm of unity and cooperation.

Now, that’s all well and good. It’s very important. As far as it goes.

But they’re leap-frogging over the chaos part.

Once we achieve that inner wholeness, see beyond the veil, as Dr. Joe puts it, how can each of know where we are in time, what to do NOW, and how to prepare for the “unknown” bearing down upon us?

Those who are called to serve operate on a finely tuned sense of timing, as if they have an inner radar attuned to the future. As earlier written:

Some people experience this inner knowing as a sense of personal destiny or keen sensitivity to the zeitgeist direction of the times.

Faith guides our feet, not only towards good fortune, but away from danger. For example. in the New Testament, Joseph, husband of Mary and protector of Jesus, accepted the mother and her child on faith.

And when King Herod, intent on killing new born males to thwart the prophecy of his downfall, Joseph “knew” it was time to escape from Jerusalem to save the infant’s life. He also knew when danger had passed, and it was time to return the boy to his homeland.

When you want to know what time it is now, and what to do, working with a wisdom tool like the Book of Change is an invaluable help. For, Among other things, the I Ching works like a cosmic clock, telling us the time.

mechanical clock

For ordinary mortals (like me), who aren’t always fully present and clear, the discipline of settling down the physical body and quieting the mind is a great help. Then, the practice of carefully defining the immediate situation leads to the formulation of coherent questions. In this higher, open and receptive state of mind, magic can happen. You bridge the gap between now and the future. It’s experienced as a synchronous connection between yourself and timeless wisdom – call it intuition or angelic guidance, as you will.

The Book of Change puts its users in touch with the patterned, pulsating, alternating rhythms of life. It connects them with inner knowing that anticipates approaching changes, the better to prepare for what is to come.

One reading repeatedly received underscores the importance of cultivating inner wholeness and resilience:

51 Shock
This advice is consistent with examples from scripture. In the Old Testament, Noah was called to build an arc. Joseph in Egypt explained the deeper meaning of Pharoah’s prophetic dreams. He warned that years of plenty should be used to store grain to survive through future years of famine.

In essence, that’s what today’s preppers are doing in advance of foreseen chaos coming down the pike at an alarming rate.

OA had a lot to say about this. Specifically, he advocated building intentional communities of like-minded souls as a bulwark against future chaos. Not just internet networks of like-minded souls, but physical, propertied, nitty gritty communities of committed, organized co-workers like the ones Pastor Joe Fox and James Wesley Rawles support.

For this isn’t the first time in repeating cycles of history we’ve arrived at this point. And in the past, under similar circumstances, survivors were those prepared to prevail during tough times.

For example, in The Age of Heretics, Charles Krone observed that in the dark ages, when chaos enveloped the civilized European world, monasteries appeared as islands of purposeful community — centers of learning, healing, hospitality and mutual protection. Similarly, monasteries of refuge from barbarism (think Shaolin) appeared in Asian lands during harsh historical times.

Now, then. Even more fundamentally, leaders equipped to oversee a safe transition though chaotic times will operate on a complete and correct paradigm. Understanding the multidimensional fabric of reality embodied in the Life Wheel, they will well understand how and why wisdom traditions including the Book of Change are instrumental to making future plans.

As it stands, current world leaders who operate from incomplete, extreme and dysfunctional paradigms continue to make decisions that endanger humanity. And as Einstein warned us, the stakes could not be higher. We’re at a crossroads of civilization. Human survival can no longer be taken for granted. We either change the way we think or go extinct.

Einstein home page

The way out of current madness must begin with restoring a complete and correct paradigm, one that is consistent with both the world’s great religions and with modern physics. That is, in effect, what Joe Dispenza, Gregg Braden, and in my own humble way, I have been deliberately working to do.

But the clock is ticking. Time is precious, and not to be wasted with petty conflicts and misunderstandings. Which side are you on? Which future do you choose?

And, if you agree, please share.

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